Who needs to register?

Register your business if you want to carry out any food operations.

Food operations include:

  • selling food
  • cooking food
  • storing or handling food
  • preparing food
  • distributing food

You must register:

  • any food business running for five or more days, over five consecutive weeks
  • at least 28 days before opening

Food businesses with vehicles

If your business uses vehicles and you have a permanent premises (e.g. shop or warehouse), you need to tell us the number of vehicles. You don’t need to register each vehicle separately.

If you have vehicles but no permanent premises, you must tell us where they are normally kept.

Who doesn’t need to register

Some premises might be exempt and don’t need registering, such as:

  • those already approved for food law purposes
  • agricultural premises
  • motorcars
  • tents and marquees (not stalls)
  • domestic premises
  • village halls

Call Food Safety on 0207 974 4444 if you think you might be exempt.

Register a food business

To register a food business:

  1. Print out the register a food business form (PDF)
  2. Return the completed and signed form to:

Contact Camden
London Borough of Camden
Town Hall
Argyle Street

If you would like a receipt for your registration, include a stamped-addressed envelope.

You must register with the council where your business operates. If you use premises in various areas, you must register with each council separately:

Find your local council at gov.uk

What happens next

We will add your business to our food businesses public register. The public can then view the:

  • name of the business (if any)
  • address and telephone number
  • type of business at each premises

All other records are not publicly available.

Food safety inspection

We will arrange a food safety inspection of your premises once you open for business. During this visit a risk assessment and rating will be completed.

When carrying out the risk assessment we consider:

  • potential hazards
  • compliance with legislation
  • confidence in management and control systems
  • the significance of risks

Potential hazards are the:

  • types of food involved and the method of handling them,
  • the methods of processing and handling food
  • type and number of consumers at risk

Compliance relates to how the food operation is conducted and the physical environment that this takes place in.

All of these categories are given a score rating and this is totalled to determine how often we will inspect the premises.

Advice and information

Call Food Safety on 0207 974 4444 for:

  • food safety information packs
  • advice on running a safe food business

Change your registration

You need to tell us about changes to the:

  • nature of the business
  • address at which moveable premises are kept

If the business changes owner, the new owner must register again.

We might make changes because of information from someone else. We will give you 28 days’ notice to comment on any proposed changes.

Call Food Safety on 0207 974 4444.