We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls, we may be able to respond to your enquiries quicker via email at building.control@camden.gov.uk. Add the property address in the subject line and attach any drawings or pictures to the email. 

Fees and charges

The fees and charges for the cost of works and residential works are listed below. These are as the Local Government Association recommends.
• Schedule 3 - estimated cost of works (request a quote below)
• Schedule 2 - estimated cost for residential works only (request a quote below)

Request a quote

Contact us to request a quote. We will usually respond within 4 hours. 

Request a Quote

How to make a payment

Charges for plans and building notice can be paid by:

  • cheque, made payable to London Borough of Camden
  • online as part of an online application
  • credit/debit card. Phone 020 7974 4444, choose option 6, you then need to say the service name 'building control'. Or call 020 7974 2363.

Note: Regularisation charges are 130 per cent of the charges in Schedule 2 and 3.