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Factsheets, user guides and technical information

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Factsheets, user guides and technical information


Upstands below the main window 

This fact sheet explains the construction of the new window upstands.

Tilt only window openings where the windowsill remains at its current height

Following resident feedback, we can now offer a choice of opening mechanisms for the kitchen, side lounge and bathroom windows. The available options ensure that the room ventilation will be comparably better or similar to your current windows.  During your home visit, you will be able to make your choice of these windows, alongside your radiators and blinds/curtains. 

All three mechanisms - electric winder, manual winder, and handle, have slightly different implications on the window opening and associated ventilation as detailed below: 

Kitchen Window

The window has two opening parts (top and bottom).



Alternative Option 1

Top opening - tilt inwards

Electric winder

Manual winder

Opening width Up to 57cm Up to 25cm
Opening angle Up to 32 degrees Up to 20 degrees

Lower opening - tilt inwards



Opening width 10cm 10cm
Opening angle 10 degrees 10 degrees

Achieves purge ventilation?



Comparison to current window (open at 30cm with the restrictor released)

Improved / better ventilation

About the same ventilation

Any opening mechanism that offers less ventilation on its maximum setting compared to the current windows cannot be included as an option (such as the handle for the upper opening part of the kitchen window)

Side Lounge window



Option 1

Option 2*


Manual winder


Electric winder

Opening width Up to 25cm 9.5cm Up to 57cm
Opening angle Up to 20 degrees 9 degrees Up to 32 degrees


*As this is an additional option that is not required due to achieving purge ventilation with the main lounge window, we charge £500 cost contribution

Bathroom window



No alternative Option 1

No alternative Option 2


Manual winder

The handle option does not provide sufficient ventilation in an area at risk of damp and mould The electric winder option is not suitable for bathrooms
Opening width Up to 25cm
Opening angle Up to 20 degrees


User guides

Trench heater and radiator user guide

The trench heater and radiator user guide explains how to use the new trench heaters and radiators. It also helps with troubleshooting, and provides contact information for further assistance.