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Estimated service charge 2024/25

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Estimated service charge 2024/25

What an estimated service charge is

The estimated service charge is how much you need to pay towards the total estimated cost of managing and maintaining your building and estate.

We send out estimated service charge invoices in March. You will receive yours in a pack that includes:

  • an estimated invoice and summary of day-to-day service charges
  • an estimated invoice and summary for major works, if relevant
  • a statement of ground rent
  • options for how to pay
  • an update from the Leaseholders Forum

Find out how we calculate day-to-day service charges

In September, we send out an adjustment for the previous financial year. This year’s adjustment will be sent out in September 2024 for the financial year April 2023 to March 2024. This shows the actual cost of managing and maintaining your building and estate.  

Find out more about your actual service charge.

How to pay your estimated day-to-day service charge

You can pay your day-to-day estimated service charges: 

Find out how to pay your service charges

If you’re worried about money, or have a question email We’re here to help. There is cost of living support available. 

Major works invoice   

If major works are planned for your building or estate, you can pay quarterly as with your day-to-day services charges, or you can choose to pay the bill once works have started on site. We will write to you with a start date. 

The major works invoice and consultation process is as follows:

  1. An estimated major works service charge invoice is issued in March. If work will cost more than £250 per leaseholder, we must consult with you before the work starts. We send a formal notice called a Section 20 consultation notice. 
  2. As soon as work starts on site, we will send a letter to advise you when to start making payment towards this work.
  3. A statement of actual cost is sent out in September. This is an adjustment to the estimated charge sent in March. For example, where the estimate was sent for April 2023 to March 2024, the adjustment will be sent in September 2024.

The major works guide (PDF) explains the consultation process and payment options in full. If you have a question about major works email