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Education, training and work
Education, training and work

Camden Young Talent Guarantee

The Camden Young Talent Guarantee is our commitment to connect every 16 to 24-year-old in Camden to the support needed to access employment opportunities. This includes: 

  • work experience during post-16 education
  • one-to-one careers guidance with a local advisor
  • timely support with long-term employment choices
  • training, an apprenticeship or a job
  • help to access benefits, mental health, housing and financial support.

To get support or explore what’s right for you, contact us at or call 020 7974 1127.

Details of other opportunities and support available can also be found here on Camden Rise.


Let’s inspire and develop our future workforce. Join our campaign to create 500 work placements, apprenticeships or jobs for Camden young people per year.

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Camden Young Talent Guarantee