Tackling engine idling is part of our commitment to improve air quality

Engine idling produces air pollution and increases the amount of toxic air that we breathe, which has a significant impact on people’s health. Tackling engine idling is part of Camden’s commitment to improve air quality.

In March 2018 we started a pilot project to take action against engine idling, and in October 2019 we announced that the entirety of Camden would be designated as a ‘zero idling borough’ by the creation of a Traffic Management Order (TMO).

This TMO was introduced in January 2020 and our Civil Enforcement Officers are now working in hotspot areas to educate drivers about the impact of engine idling and asking them to switch off their vehicle if idling. If a driver refuses to switch off when asked, officers can issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), which is an 'on-the-spot' fine of up to £80 for committing the offence.

If you observe a driver idling their vehicle’s engine, or if you would like to inform us of engine idling occurring frequently in a particular location, you can let us know on our Report engine idling page. Please note that we will not be able to respond to comments submitted to us, however the information you provide will be used to inform our patrols.

Idling Action programme

Camden has been working in partnership with the Mayor of London and other London boroughs to raise awareness of engine idling. To find out more and to download a toolkit so you can run an event in your area, visit the Idling Action website.