Admission to Camden schools

Nursery admissions

Nursery admissions are dealt with by primary schools, children's centres and other nursery providers in Camden. Parents should apply to these directly.

Primary school reception admissions

We co-ordinate admission for reception places at Camden primary schools. We also provide advice on transfers, vacancies and appeals.

Secondary school transfer

Camden Council co-ordinates the transfer from primary to secondary school for admission to all Camden state secondary schools. Find out more about Camden secondary schools in our annual guide (PDF).

  • The deadline to apply for Year 7 places is 31 October 2020
  • You can visit Camden secondary schools on their own open days and eveningsdownload a poster here (PDF) - note: some of the events on the poster will now be held 'virtually' online and some dates and times have changed so please check the school's website or call the school office to check - or see our news item for the latest updates
  • Meet the Parents also holds informal forums for primary parents at local schools across the borough, some of which are taking place 'virtually' online and some face to face.

In-year school admissions

An in-year application is when you make an application to a school outside of the normal admissions round. This is at a time when your child should already be attending school. Camden schools organise in-year admissions themselves.

Social or medical applications for Camden community schools

Find out more about this and how to apply for a school place on these grounds. See our policy and form:

Social and medical policy (PDF) 

Social and medical form (PDF) 

The form needs to be returned to within the deadline.