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Free school travel

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Free school travel

Free and discounted school travel

Children 10 years old and under can travel on most London public transport for free.

Children under 16 can travel on London buses and trams for free. 

If it’s not possible for your child to travel by bus, they may be eligible for Education Travel Payments.

More information about free and discounted travel fares for under 18s:

Free school transport explained: From who’s eligible to how it works

Free and discounted travel - Transport for London

Free school transport 

Education Travel Payments

You can apply for education travel payments if your child lives in Camden, attends a council maintained school or academy in zones 1 to 6, and meets the criteria in our Home to school travel policy:


  • aged 8 or under and must travel 2 miles (3.2km) or more
  • aged 8 to 16 and must travel 3 miles (4.8km) or more 
  • no closer school place is available
  • journey by bus is unreasonably long or difficult

How far do I live from a Camden School?

Low income

You can also apply for an Education Travel Pass if your family is on a low income, your child receives free school meals or your family receives the maximum level of Working Tax Credit. Your child must also meet the following:

  • 8-11 years old and must travel 2 miles or more
  • goes to one of the 3 nearest suitable schools
  • the journey is unreasonably long or difficult


  • 11-16 years old
  • goes to one of the 3 nearest schools and distance from home is between 2 to 6 miles
  • the journey is unreasonably long or difficult


  • 11-16 years
  • goes to the nearest suitable school on the grounds of religious belief
  • the school is between 2 to 15 miles from home
  • the journey is unreasonably long or difficult

Special circumstances and vulnerable groups

Special Circumstances

If you feel that your child has special circumstances which require education travel payments, you may apply. You will need to state the reasons and attach any relevant supporting evidence, such as a letter from a GP or school. 

Special Educational Needs

If your child has an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) please visit our help with transport to school webpage for further information on how to apply.

If your child is over 16 years old

​​​​​​Young people who are unable to travel by bus or tram, and who are experiencing financial hardship, may be eligible to apply for a grant from their college or place of learning.

16 to 19 Bursary Fund guide 2022 to 2022 academic year

Apply for Education Travel Payments

To apply for Education Travel Payments, please complete the application form below. Once completed, return the form to the schools admission team and you will receive a reply within 10 working days. If successful Home to school travel payments will be sent directly to the parent on a termly basis.

You can also contact the school admissions team to request a form be sent to you. 

Home to school travel application (PDF)

If refused, you have the right to appeal in writing within 20 working days to the school admissions team.