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Planning Policy - Monitoring, Data and Evidence

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Planning Policy - Monitoring, Data and Evidence

Evidence and supporting documents

We have produced and commissioned a series of studies, documents and background evidence. This is to support the production of the Camden Local Plan and other planning policy.

Authority Monitoring Report

Every year the Council monitors and analyses the performance of its planning policies, and progress on planning policy documents. It publishes the details in an Authority Monitoring Report (AMR). 

Most recent published AMR:

Authority Monitoring Report 2021/22 and 2022/23

The archive of previous AMRs can be found on the Camden Open Data portal.

Retail Survey

The retail survey was carried out in 2018. It collected information on all ground floor units in Town Centres and Neighbourhood Centres. It also surveyed Central London Frontages and some frontages in the Central London Local Areas.

You can view a map detailing the results of the retail survey.