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Discretionary Council Tax discounts

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Discretionary Council Tax discounts

We may be able to reduce the amount of Council Tax that you need to pay on an individual bill, if you are experiencing exceptional personal or financial circumstances.

Who can apply

To be considered for a discount, you will need to show:

  • evidence of financial hardship or personal circumstances meaning that you can't pay your bill
  • you have taken reasonable steps to try and resolve the situation
  • you have already applied for Council Tax support
  • all other discounts or awards that you are eligible for have already been awarded
  • you do not have access to other assets that could be used to pay the bill

How to apply

Fill in the Discretionary Reduction form and return it to us. 

Apply for a Discretionary Reduction

Return it to:

The London Borough of Camden
Taxation Manager (Recovery)
4th Floor
5 St Pancras Square