Employment and training opportunities to local residents

Where a major development is proposed, an Employment and Training strategy will need to be sent with your planning application.

The Employment and Training strategy is sometimes referred to as an Employment and Skills Plan (ESP). It should outline exactly what the development will provide in terms of employment and training opportunities to local residents. This will be secured by a legal agreement.

You will be expected to work with the Council to promote the use of services including the King’s Cross Construction Skills Centre and both the King’s Cross Recruit and Camden Apprenticeships brokerage services.

The information below provides further details about when an Employment and Training strategy is required, what information it should include, how to submit it to us, and where you can find further information.

When is an Employment and Training strategy required?

An Employment and Training strategy should be sent with applications for:

  • residential developments of 10 or more new units
  • developments with a capacity of 1000m2

What information should be included in an Employment and Training strategy?

An Employment and Training strategy should highlight the opportunities that will be delivered and demonstrate how those Employment and Training requirements will be achieved both during and after construction.

Whilst the strategies vary from scheme to scheme, Employment and Training strategies will typically set out the steps that will be taken to deliver on agreements, including:

  • construction apprenticeships
  • local employment during the construction phase
  • construction work experience opportunities
  • end use apprenticeships
  • local procurement opportunities

The strategy will also clearly outline how the developer will deliver the Employment and Training strategy in cooperation with the local authority. This will include reference to specific and measurable outputs, key delivery partners and details on the timeframe within which each output will be delivered. The strategy will also highlight the named contact who will be responsible for managing the delivery of the strategy.

Any end-use (post construction) obligations, such as end use apprenticeships and work experience, should be discussed with Camden’s Economic Development team before submission.

How do I submit an Employment and Training strategy?

If you apply for planning permission online using the Planning Portal, you will be given the opportunity to upload your Employment and Training strategy. This is after you have completed the relevant application forms.

Before uploading any files, please read our guidance notes for submitting electronic files with planning applications (PDF).

If you choose to submit a paper-based application instead, you will need to provide:

  • four copies of your information
  • four copies of the relevant application forms.

Where can I find out further information?

For further information on preparing and submitting an Employment and Training strategy, please contact:

For more information on the policies that underpin the requirements of the Employment and Training strategy, please see the following links below: