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In an emergency, call 999 for police, fire or ambulance service. 

If you need to contact us for information during an emergency:

Contact Emergency Management

Additionally you may find these numbers useful in an emergency:

Prepare for an emergency

See more information on preparing for emergencies here

Although emergency situations are very rare, it's never too early to start a conversation around what you would do, should something unexpected occur.

Whether it's a minor incident or something more serious, there are some basic procedures you can put into place to help you be prepared - whatever the emergency.

If the danger is outside: Go in, Stay in, Tune in

Close all windows and doors; Stay inside until you are contacted by the emergency services or a representative; Listen to local radio and TV and check the internet regularly for updates

If the danger is inside: Get Out, Stay Out and call 999

If you have time, secure your home before you leave; Make your way to a safe location; Call emergency services on 999 if you are in immediate danger.

Always follow instructions from the emergency services

See more information on preparing for emergencies here

Prepare a home emergency kit - Pack a grab bag

What items would be useful to have with you at home if services such as electricity, gas, water, sewage treatments and telephones were cut off for up to 72 hours?

  • bottled water
  • non-perishable foods
  • wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • blanket
  • battery-powered mobile phone charger
  • battery-powered or wind-up radio
  • torch

If you had to leave home in a hurry, what would be useful to take in a grab bag?

  • medication
  • keys
  • money or bank card
  • mobile phone and battery-powered charger
  • food
  • glasses or contact lenses

You may be in your car during an emergency, what would be helpful to have if you had to stay in your car for a while?

  • ice scraper and de-icer
  • warm clothes and shoes
  • blanket
  • shovel
  • road map
  • battery-powered or wind-up torch
  • jump leads

Looking after your pet in an emergency

Make sure your pet is calm and comfortable, if the emergency is outside bring them into the house with you, if you cannot get home take them to your emergency location. Contact Camden for assistance from your local dog warden.

If you do decide to take your pet with you in an emergency, consider taking:

  • collar and lead
  • bed or blanket
  • pet medication
  • pet information card and vet details
  • pet snacks
  • carrier or cage

Before an emergency, can you prepare your pet?

  • is your pet microchipped?
  • are their ID tags up to date and securely fastened to their collar?
  • do you have somewhere you could take your pet in an emergency, if you were unable to take them home with you?

For further assistance looking after your pet in an emergency you can access support through:

Prepare your business for an emergency

An emergency can affect us at any time and in any location so all businesses must be prepared to look after its premises and its people if something should happen.

Has your business got tried and tested plans for emergency evacuations? What about invacuations? This is the process of making staff members aware of an emergency and moving pupils, staff members and visitors to the most sheltered areas within the building. 

Here are some things you could consider for yours:

  • how do you activate your plans
  • how do you communicate what to do to your staff and customers
  • have you got a designated check point for evacuations or do you choose a dispersal approach with another method for staff to confirm they are safe and well
  • have you got identified safe areas of the building for people to congregate in during an evacuation
  • when was the last time you tested your plans

See more information on preparing for emergencies here

Emergency alerts and plans

You can subscribe to emergency email alerts from Camden Council and the police:

Subscribe to emergencies alerts

Camden risks and plans

Camden Risk Register