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Creating work opportunities for young people in Camden

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Creating work opportunities for young people in Camden

Camden is home to huge opportunities for young people. From sector-leading public services to pioneering universities and exciting global and local employers. 

We want every young person to be able to access and create work opportunities, regardless of their background or identity. To achieve this, we’ve introduced the Camden Young Talent Guarantee.  

The Camden Young Talent Guarantee is our commitment to connect every 16 to 24 year old in Camden to employment opportunities and support. 

Support young people in Camden  

Whether you are a small or large employer, we want to work with you to create new opportunities. 

Together, we can make sure young people in Camden can thrive and reach their full potential. Join our campaign to introduce fresh ideas, diversify your workforce and make the most of local talent.  

You will commit to: 

  • recruiting locally  
  • creating ring-fenced apprenticeships and jobs 
  • offering good quality work experience placements  

We will offer: 

  • advice and support to create opportunities 
  • advertising vacancies, screening and shortlisting candidates  
  • in-work support for both new recruits and employers  

Contact us 

If you can offer good quality work experience, an apprenticeship or a job to a young person, contact us to discuss and access support.