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Carclub4permit scheme

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Carclub4permit scheme

Cancel a resident parking permit in exchange for a free car club membership 

If you have recently cancelled your resident parking permit or are intending to cancel it, you can apply for a free 2-year car club membership. 

You must have cancelled your Camden resident parking permit in the previous 40 days. 

If you want to cancel your permit but are not interested in car club membership, you can still apply for a refund

About car clubs 

A car club is a short-term rental service that gives you access to cars parked near you. Members can rent a car and pay by the minute, hour or day.   

By joining a car club, you will: 

  • save money on car tax, insurance, vehicle maintenance, fuel and hidden costs 
  • reduce your carbon footprint 
  • avoid charges on polluting vehicles such as Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) 
  • find parking spaces more easily 

How it works in Camden  

Camden allows ‘back-to-base' (or round trip) trips in Camden. This means that vehicles are available from a fixed location and must be returned to this same spot after use. 

Camden does not allow flexible one-way trips, from one car club space to another within Camden. 

Find out more about car clubs in Camden. 

Free car club membership 

When you cancel your resident permit, you can apply for a free car club membership. You can also apply for a refund on any remaining time on your permit. 

If your application is successful, you will be given a voucher code or a link to register for the free car club membership. You can choose to join either Enterprise or Zipcar.  

After activating the 2 year free membership, you will not be eligible for a new resident parking permit for 2 years. Please read the terms and conditions in the application form below to learn more.  

Choosing a car club provider 

Camden has one of the highest number of car club locations in London, with nearly 250 cars available. 

View car locations in Camden to help decide which provider is most convenient for you. 

Enterprise Membership 

Free Standard+ membership includes: 

  • 60 miles per day, plus additional £10 ‘welcome’ driving credit 
  • driving cost thereafter is from £9.82 an hour, and 27p per mile  
  • up to 10% off Enterprise Rent-a-Car bookings across the UK 

Additional charges might apply. Find out more on the Enterprise website.  

Zipcar Membership 

Free Plus membership includes: 

  • 60 miles per day, plus £385 driving credits over 2 years 
  • driving cost thereafter is from £6 an hour 
  • access to Zipcar rentals in Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford and London 

Additional charges might apply. Find out more on the Zipcar website 

How to apply 

Fill in our online application form to apply for free car club membership, after cancelling your resident permit. 

Apply for free membership