About Camden STEAM

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The A stands for Creativity. It captures the belief that addressing STEM and Creativity together delivers greater value to individuals, employers, the local community and economy.

Camden STEAM Vision: 

We will work together building a future where Camden is a beacon of inclusive opportunity and innovation. Young people, regardless of background, will be inspired by STEAM opportunities and they will be ready for the world of work in Camden’s STEAM industries. STEAM employers will have access to a local diverse talent pipeline to meet their recruitment needs and help them to innovate and flourish. 

We equip Camden’s young people with the skills and opportunities to embark on a STEAM career by bringing together employers, educators and young people.   

“Working together we will make sure our young people have the opportunities they deserve, that employers can successfully recruit diverse talent locally, and that the local economy continues to thrive” – Cllr Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council & Chair of London Councils  

Camden STEAM brings opportunities in the digital, scientific and creative industries to life for Camden’s young people. Camden is home to innovative businesses and institutions from Google, Facebook, Lendlease and the Francis Crick Institute, to world leading universities such as UCL and Central Saint Martins, and a huge range of thriving small and medium businesses and start-ups. Our job is to help young people see there could be a career for them just around the corner. 

We connect employers with schools so young people have a sense of the job opportunities that exist on their doorstep, as well as working together to create new opportunities.  

There are now over 70 STEAM employers working with us and over 300 STEAM Ambassadors (employee volunteers) supporting Camden’s students. We work together to achieve our strategic objectives: 

  1. Build young people’s awareness of STEAM industries, and support them to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes STEAM employers need 
  2. Provide pathways and opportunities for young people to enter and succeed in STEAM careers  
  3.  Engage young people from underrepresented backgrounds in STEAM and support a diverse talent pipeline 
  4. Create an innovative and inclusive STEAM community for Camden that influences policy and supports growth  

Check out the School and Employer pages to get involved. 

STEAM for Camden Schools

We aim to reach every young person in a Camden state school, from Early Years to Year 13, every year with an impactful STEAM opportunity. We are here to support Camden schools by: 

  • Brokering STEAM Ambassador activities (employee volunteers) 
  • Leading the Camden Learning STEAM Hub (teacher training network)  
  • Co-ordinating the annual Camden STEAM Work Experience Programme each July for Year 12 students  
  • Creating STEAM apprenticeship opportunities 
  • Sharing impactful opportunities from our Camden STEAM Pledge partners – recent examples include a DeepMind Hackathon, Central Saint Martins Digital Innovation workshops, Ted Baker Business Challenge, Google Certificates and Meta Girls Rising Mentoring Programme. 

STEAM Ambassadors 

We have a network of over 150 STEAM Ambassadors drawn from 50 Camden employers including Google, Lendlease, Arup, Meta, the Francis Crick Institute, Bennetts Associates (architects), LocalGlobe, Conran Design, Moonbug and many others.  Ambassadors have a wide range of experience between them and are keen to support Camden schools and young people, from giving a careers talk to working with you to design a lesson using their industry expertise. 

  • Could you invite a STEAM Ambassador to share their industry expertise and career insights in a lesson?  
  • Would you like to work alongside a STEAM Ambassador to co-design an activity, lesson or sequence of lessons for young people that enables them to learn about a particular industry and to practise skills relevant to that job?   

How do I book a STEAM Ambassador?  

Please read and complete this form to request a partnership with a Camden STEAM Ambassador. Look at the STEAM Ambassador profiles page for examples of volunteers, their job description and how they might support schools and young people. 

“Our Year 1 classes held their STEAM exhibition last week for the Eco Cities they created in their project last half term. They were absolutely wonderful and the children really loved the project” – Teacher, Primrose Hill Primary School  

‘It’s opening their minds as to how the world of work works and how the subjects that they study in school are going to be applied… being creative, being visually literate is really crucial.” - Teacher, La Sainte Union Secondary School  

“What I could see was that this this real, deeper, interconnected knowledge between these different subjects as real creative application of knowledge.” - Schools Manager, Camden STEAM Hub 

“I would love for young people to learn that there are aspects of STEAM intertwined in everything we do as engineers in industry” –  STEAM Ambassador – structural engineer  

STEAM resources for schools and young people  

STEAM Futures: These are videos of inspiring Black STEAM Ambassadors being interviewed by young people in Camden. The aim is to inspire young people who are underrepresented in various STEAM industries. 

Ted Baker Business Diploma: A free online programme for years 10-13 with a detailed insight into a modern business. Please contact us steampledge@camden.gov.uk and we will send the resource. 

STEAM for Camden employers

“The Camden STEAM movement sets out a vision for close partnerships between industry, institutions, educators and young people, working together for a future where our scientific, creative and digital industries continue to innovate and flourish, providing opportunities for Camden’s young people to have fulfilling careers.  We invite you to join us in building that future” – Dinah Caine CBE, Chair of Camden STEAM Board & Chair of Governing Council, Goldsmiths, University of London 


Are you a business of any size in Camden’s scientific, digital and creative sectors? This might be data, engineering, design, theatre, life sciences, tech, architecture… the list goes on! Join the Camden STEAM movement: 

  • Sign the Camden STEAM Pledge and work with us to support all young people in Camden schools with inspiring career insights and opportunities  
  • Become a Camden STEAM Partner by driving forward our strategic objectives in your work across Camden 


“The benefits of this STEAM partnership have been felt by our team at Google: not just in the feedback from our mentors, but in the tangible ways that these young people have helped shape our plans for the local area” – Zoe Stern, Head of Community Engagement, Google 

“A young person who has four or more meaningful encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training, and can earn up to 22% more during their career” – Education and Employers Taskforce research 

Camden STEAM Pledge

We ask every STEAM Pledge Employer to commit to the STEAM Ambassadors and Work Experience programmes 

  • STEAM Ambassadors - Deliver career activities in schools to help us reach every young person, every year. STEAM Ambassadors are at the heart of the STEAM Pledge. STEAM Ambassadors are our network of employee volunteers in Camden primary and secondary schools. Camden STEAM trains and supports STEAM Ambassadors, and brokers activities that have a real impact for young people.

  • WORK Experience - Welcome young people on work experience to enable every 16-18-year-old young person in Camden to access a placement. Host a group of young people during Camden’s STEAM Work Experience week each July, or commit a places on your existing programme to Camden state school students. Camden STEAM will guide you through the process of planning a high-quality placement and support you to recruit students from local schools. 

  • Apprenticeships - Recruit local young people to STEAM Apprenticeships. Work with us to create a Camden STEAM Apprenticeship route in your organisation and recruit local young people, or offer roles on your existing STEAM apprenticeship route to Camden young people. 

  • STEAM Hub - Work with teachers in the STEAM Hub, sharing industry expertise to bring the curriculum to life. The STEAM Hub brings teachers and employers together to co-design curriculum projects – from single lessons to six-week projects. This embeds authentic industry expertise in the curriculum and is a powerful way for young people, teachers and employers to work with and learn from each other. 

Camden STEAM Partners – drive forward these principles in your work so together we achieve our Camden STEAM vision  

  1. Build young people’s awareness of STEAM industries, and support them to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes STEAM employers need 
  2. Provide pathways and opportunities for young people to enter and succeed in STEAM careers  
  3. Engage young people from underrepresented backgrounds in STEAM and support a diverse talent pipeline 
  4. Create an innovative and inclusive STEAM community for Camden that influences policy and supports growth  

“It has been an honour for us at Bennetts to work locally with the Camden STEAM team and more so to create fantastic links with nearby primary and secondary schools in the Camden borough.  We have been able to give workshops, provide work experience, conduct projects, give career talks about architecture and the construction to both students and teachers at a variety of schools in Camden.    

We thoroughly enjoy connecting with local students and communities, as we see the future architects and designers amongst them – and we are excited by the prospect of inspiring and opening the minds of such young creatives so early on in their educational journey” – Jade Chau, Associate/ Architect, Bennetts Associates 

STEAM opportunities for Camden schools and young people

Opportunities – Autumn Term 2022       

If you would like to find out more about these opportunities, please email:  steampledge@camden.gov.uk    


  • Book a STEAM Ambassador - to visit your school by filling out this form. Please provide at least four weeks’ notice.   
  • Digital Skills and Creativity Workshop with Central Saint Martins - develop your students’ digital skills and understanding of careers and entrepreneurship within the digital and creative industries. CSM are offering a two-hour workshop for years 5, 6 & 7 where children create a digital avatar. Contact us to talk more about the offer. See the feedback from year 6 below. 

“I liked that we made an artistic creature and we got to think of names for it.”
“During the workshop, I enjoyed being able to bring lots of different items from home to make it into one collective avatar for the class.” 
“In the workshop we had to work together as a team. This taught me that in some jobs in the outside world you have to be creative where you get to think about different ideas and work well within a team.” 
“From taking part in the workshop I learnt that in the outside world , in creative industries, you may need to think creatively and outside of the box.”  


  • Book a STEAM Ambassador to visit your school by filling out this form. Please provide at least four weeks’ notice.  
  • Google – Careers Certificates   - Years 12 and 13    - Closing date: ongoing recruitment . Camden Council and Camden Learning are partnering with Google and Coursera to offer free professional online training to those over 16 years old - Camden learners (Years 12 and 13) and residents. There are four programmes to choose from in high growth fields:   IT Support, Data Analysis, Project Management and UX Design. Students don’t need any experience to take part in a course and study at their own pace. Overview and curriculum breakdown attached.   Google are happy to deliver an information session to students. For more information and to book a presentation, email: steampledge@camden.gov.uk

STEAM Ambassador profiles

STEAM Ambassadors come from a broad range of businesses and organisations across Camden. 
The list of STEAM Pledge Employers can be seen below:

1. Argent
2. Arup
3. Arup Architecture
4. BBUK Studios
5. Bennetts Associates
6. British Library
7. Camden Town Unlimited
8. Childrens’ Radio UK
9. Cockpit Arts
10. Conran Design Group
11. CSM
12. Eden Smith
13. Eurostar International
14. Exterion Media
15. Farrans
16. Francis Crick Institute
17. Gerard Smith
18. Google
19. Grant Thornton
20. Hatton Garden BID
21. High Speed 1
22. High Speed 2
23. Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
24. Labtech
25. Lendlease
26. LocalGlobe
27. Mace Dragados JV
28. Matrix SCM
29. Meta
30. McClaren Group
31. Models 1
32. Momentum Transport
33. Moonbug
34. Nesta
35. The Roundhouse
36. RS Components
37. SCS Railways
38. Stantec
39. Skanska
40. SNK/Red Apple Creative 
41. Springer Nature
42. The Place
43. Ted Baker
44. Transport for London
45. Troup, Bywaters & Anders
46. UCLH
47. UCL
48.  UCL Cancer Institute
49.  Wayve
50.  Wellcome Trust