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STEAM CPD for Camden schools

Join our bite-sized CPD sessions on STEAM, employer partnerships and the opportunities for your school – book your place by clicking on the links below. Contact for admin support. 

STEAM Futures

As part of the Black History Season, STEAM Futures is a series of bitesize virtual interviews with inspiring STEAM Ambassadors. See the fascinating interview with Shola Efunshile who has “plaques with my name on orbiting the earth” and Wizdom Layne – with incredibly wise words about talent and navigating the music industry. Further interviews with STEAM Ambassadors from Facebook, Google, Francis Crick, Lendlease and Softwire to come.

We aim for all young people in Camden schools to be able to see and access these videos – see the YouTube playlist here and advice on how to use the videos here. Do get in touch with feedback and ideas how you are using the videos.

The Camden STEAM Commission was established to:

  • Highlight Camden’s unique STEAM economy and the skills needed for the roles of the future
  • Encourage greater fusion in creative, digital and scientific education
  • Mobilise business resources to drive skills and careers education
  • Tackle underrepresentation and provide all Camden young people with access to the opportunities available locally.

We call on our exciting, dynamic and innovative business community to sign up to the 21st Century Talent Pledge. Read or download our booklet below and email us at

Camden STEAM - 21st century Talent Pledge film

Creating Camden’s 21st Century Talent – report and recommendations of the Camden STEAM Commission

Camden Council wants to give local young people the best skills and opportunities so they can play a full part in the borough’s thriving creative, digital and scientific economy. Our report, ‘Creating Camden’s 21st Century Talent’ by the council-led STEAM Commission, sets out plans for how our young people can better benefit from the global organisations working in Camden. The report was launched at Google UK’s offices in King’s Cross on 12 June 2017.

Camden STEAM Hub

The STEAM Commission’s recommendations included launching a STEAM Hub to facilitate a more connected curriculum in our schools and encourage greater fusion in creative, digital and scientific education. Find out more:

Background and membership

Camden Council, in partnership with the Knowledge Quarter, launched a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) Commission to bring together the borough’s businesses, schools and other key institutions. 

The Commission is chaired by Dinah Caine CBE and highlights Camden’s significance as a centre for the creative, digital and scientific industries. It seeks to improve career opportunities for young people, and ensure businesses are able to benefit from the range of talent in the borough. 

Commissioners representing educational, industry and community bodies produced their report (PDF) identifying actions for employers, schools and parents to help develop young people’s skills and opportunities in the STEAM sector.

The STEAM Commission includes the following representatives: 

  • Dinah Caine CBE, Commission Chair
  • Lindsley Ruth, CEO of RS Components, STEAM Commission Business Lead
  • Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council
  • Pete Dudley, Director of Education Commissioning, Camden Council
  • Jon Abbey, Managing Director, Camden Learning
  • Peter McDonough, of Ted Baker, who is also Next Generation Co-ordinator for Urban Partners
  • Geraldine Davies, former Principal, UCL Academy
  • Maureen Williams, Headteacher, La Sainte Union School (past member, now retired)
  • Rob Earrey, Headteacher, Fitzjohn’s Primary School
  • Andy Wilson, CEO of Capital City College Group
  • Carl Gombrich, Director of Arts and Sciences Bsc Degree, UCL
  • Louisa Pointon, Senior HR Officer, Arup
  • Saul Klein (OBE), Partner, LocalGlobe
  • Glen Saberton, Senior Artist, Rocksteady
  • Amanda Timberg, Head of Staffing Programs, Google
  • Catherine Knivett, Digital Skills Officer, GLA
  • Di Maxfield-Twine, Vice-President HR, Viacom
  • Diane Chang, Business Lead, Facebook
  • Lia Commissar, Project Manager: Education and Neuroscience, Wellcome Trust
  • Omid Shiraji, Chief Information Officer, Camden Council.

The Commission took evidence from a number of organisations involved in the STEAM industries, education and skills policy. Contributions have been gratefully received from:

Google, The Francis Crick Institute, Stemettes, The Guardian, Atkins, Camden Town Unlimited, Echo, Tile Yard Studios, BBC, BT, Penguin Random House, Creative Industries Federation, Future First, Founders4Schools, Torriano Primary School, Med City, WAC Arts College, Netley Primary School, Camden Centre for Learning, Castlehaven Community Association, Regent’s High School, Roundhouse, William Ellis School, the Knowledge Quarter, New Scientist, Rungway, Connexions, Camden Spark, Camden Into Enterprise, Virgin Media, Hampstead School, Eleanor Palmer School, Holts Academy, Inspire, Bio-Nano Consulting, Arcadia Group, Argent LLP, Arts Catalyst, Cockpit Arts, Brecknock School, Parliament Hill School, HOK. 

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If your organisation is involved in the digital, creative, engineering or scientific industries, and you would like to know more about how you can get involved in the work of the STEAM Commission, please email

If you have any general enquiries about the STEAM Commission and its work please email 

There is a range of support available for organisations looking to develop their relationships with local schools. Please see details above or download our STEAM 21st Century Talent Pledge booklet here (PDF).

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