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Trading with and invoicing the council

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Trading with and invoicing the council

Camden Council buys a range of goods, works and services from a variety of contractors. We are required to advertise tender opportunities in order to introduce competition and secure best value. 

Register with ProContract 

If you want to compete for contracts, you can register with the council’s e-tendering system called ProContract. 

All opportunities with a value over £100,000 are managed through the ProContract system, many of which will be openly advertised. 

Registration is free and you will be able to receive notifications about relevant opportunities not only from Camden, but also a number of other councils who use the Portal. 

Register with ProContract

We recommend that all organisations interested in doing business with us register with ProContract and Contracts Finder / Find a Tender.

We do not usually respond to unsolicited applications because all advertised opportunities are available on the portal. 

Register with Contracts Finder and Find a Tender 

Contracts Finder and Find A Tender are free government portals which allow suppliers to search for information about opportunities and awarded contracts. 
We recommend that suppliers sign up to these portals as the council’s opportunities and awarded contracts can be found here, as well as opportunities UK wide. 

Go to GOV.UK to view how to bid for government contracts as an SME effectively 

Support for local suppliers 

We are committed to supporting local small and medium sized enterprises and voluntary and community organisations to give them the opportunity to tender for private and public sector contracts.  

Some criteria you need to start considering in order to be 'fit to supply' public sector contracts are: 

  • an equality and diversity policy 
  • an environmental policy and environmental management accreditation 
  • a health and safety policy 
  • business continuity and risk planning 
  • a quality assurance policy 
  • a data protection policy 
  • employer's liability insurance 

Local suppliers interested in working with Camden can email [email protected] providing us with the following information: 

  • Company Name: 
  • Details of the service you provide: 
  • Website: 
  • Contact Name: 
  • Address / Location including postcode: 
  • Email contact: 
  • Telephone Number: 

Social value in procurement 

Social Value is the additional benefit to the economic, social, sustainable and environmental wellbeing of society and the wider environment through a procurement tender. Under the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 we have to consider how our spending could also generate these wider benefits to the community. That means we have to consider: 

  • how what is proposed to be procured might improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of Camden; and 
  • how, in conducting the process of procurement, we might secure that improvement by generating a minimum 10% in social value through our contracts.  Social value commitments will be a contract term as part of the deliverables. 

Contact us: [email protected]