Support for local suppliers

We are committed to supporting local small and medium sized enterprises and voluntary and community organisations to give them the opportunity to tender for private and public sector contracts. You will be able to view all available council contracts worth between £5,000 to £100,000 on the London-wide portal called Compete For. Through Compete for you can also access a range of business opportunities across a variety of sectors and industries including Transport for London, Crossrail and the Greater London Authority. In order to successfully tender for these contracts you will need to be ‘fit to supply’ the public sector (see more below). 

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•    Sign up to the Compete For portal

What do you need to do to be 'fit to supply'?

Some criteria you need to start considering in order to be 'fit to supply' public sector contracts are:

•    an equality and diversity policy
•    an environmental policy and environmental management accreditation
•    a health and safety policy
•    business continuity and risk planning
•    a quality assurance policy
•    a data protection policy
•    employer's liability insurance

Sign up to the economic development mailing list

You can register for opportunity alerts and upcoming events by emailing economic development. Emails alerts will include some of the following content:

•    regular alerts on public sector contracts such as Crossrail and Camden Council opportunities
•    signposting to workshops covering a range of topics including supplying to the public sector, how to write a good tender and how to get environmental and other accreditations
•    signposting to business support organisations who can help you become fit to supply 
•    'Meet the Buyer' events where you can meet big buyers looking to procure from local small and medium businesses.

Advice from Camden Procurement

If you want to talk to us about how we buy the kinds of service you provide, our teams are happy to help. Please choose the team most relevant to your enquiry.

Capital and facilities management services


Construction and development - new build; Building refurbishment works; Capital repairs

Hard facilities management

Mechanical and electrical maintenance, including lift maintenance; HVAC; Building refurbishment, repairs and maintenance, including internal and external Fabric; New build (corporate property, housing, schools); Technical professional services (including quantity surveyors/architects, property engineers)

Soft facilities management

Security; Office services; Health and safety; Mail and postage; Corporate catering; School meals service; Pest control; Vending; Health and safety

contact procurement capital and facilities management

Corporate services


Hardware; Software; Services; Telecoms

Professional services

Internal audit; Management consulting; Legal; Other professional advisory services

Financial services

Insurance; Banking


Training and conferences; Permanent recruitment; Temporary recruitment; Occupational health

Office Services

Stationery; Print ;PPE


Translation and interpretation

contact procurement corporate services

Environmental services

Waste collection and recycling

Waste container repair and maintenance; Reusable bags


Gas and Electricity framework suppliers; Water; ESCo/CHP

Leisure services

Arts events; Film outsourcing

Highways maintenance

Drainage and gully cleaning; Highways TMC; Signs and lines; Street lighting; Repair; Maintenance; Heritage columns

Transport and transport services

Taxi and attendant services; Fleet

Street and traffic management

Branding and sponsorship; Festive lighting

Grounds maintenance

Cemeteries and crematoria; Removal of bodies; Post mortem/pathology service

Parking services

Bailiffs; Cashless and E-permits; Parking software and Hardware; Abandoned vehicles


CCTV; Libraries; Advice services provision; Markets management outsourcing

contact procurement environmental services

People services

Adult residential care; Children's residential care; Adult nursing care; Adult continuing care (NHS); Fostering and adoption services; Home care; Discretionary/preventive services; NHS community services; Accommodation based support (including floating support, hostels work); Extra-care sheltered housing; Supported Living; Children and adolescent mental health services; Youth services; Play services; Early years (community nurseries and drop-in services); Family and parenting support; Community meals service; Day services; Employment services (for example mental health, disabilities)

contact procurement people services


Getting paid by Camden

Supplier Survey

The London Borough of Camden is looking to improve your experience of our e-invoicing service.

Therefore we would like you to participate in our supplier survey. There are 15 multiple choice questions, and it should take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Click here to complete the Supplier Survey

Thanking you in advance.

Getting paid by Camden

When ordering goods or services we create a purchase order (PO). You should be in receipt of a valid PO, before providing goods or services (as a minimum, you should be able to quote a valid PO number). You must quote a valid PO number on all invoices.

If you have the PO number only and want to check that an order is genuine, please contact the purchase to pay team between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.



We use Finastra as our electronic invoice partner. This is a free service we offer to our suppliers offering several connection methods. E-invoicing is a requirement of all new tenders and contracts.

Please contact Finastra helpdesk:


Phone No: 0345 519 6871 (select option 1 to discuss 'onboarding')


Scanned invoicing

To supplement 'pure' e-invoicing, we have implemented a process to scan paper invoices directly into our finance system provided by Finastra. This system creates an electronic invoice from the scanned paper invoice. This will remove manual paper handling processes such as data entry and filing.

As this payment process is automated, it will be less flexible when dealing with invoices that fail to comply with our normal requirements - set out below.

Getting paid - help us to pay your invoice on time

All invoices must be sent to the 'invoice to' address on the purchase order (or electronically through the Finastra hub).

An example of an invoice that can be quickly processed can be seen here:

•  download: Example invoice (PDF)

Supplier invoices must contain the following:

•  be addressed to London Borough of Camden (not an individual )
•  Camden’s purchase order number
•  purchase order item number (if available)
•  supplier's name and address
•  the word 'invoice' or if a credit, 'credit note'
•  invoice number
•  invoice date
•  value and currency
•  description of goods and/or services provided - sufficient detail for the buyer to recognise
•  the name and telephone number of your Camden buyer/contact  
•  any further unique reference numbers or information that Camden provided
•  the supplier’s VAT number (if registered)
•  the net value of goods and services, the rate and amount of VAT (preferably detailed at line level), and the total value of the invoice.

We prefer invoices typed in black ink on plain white A4 paper as these are easier to scan.

Only one order can be quoted on an invoice, if you want to invoice for several orders you must invoice for each separately.

Non-compliant invoices will be returned unpaid.

Invoices with handwritten purchase order numbers will be returned, as they indicate that the correct procurement process has not been followed.

Method of payment

The Council pays all bills by BACS and new suppliers must supply their bank details.

Bank account or other supplier detail changes.

If you change your bank account or other supplier details please write to us on headed paper at the purchase to pay address.

Please note that we will not act on changes of details notified on invoices.

Payment terms

It is our policy that, unless we are contractually committed to other terms, all valid invoices will become due for payment 30 days after receipt.

As noted, where contractual clauses are agreed which vary the terms of payment, these will be honoured. Our terms of trade (see appendix 3) also include provision for late payment in accordance with the November 1998 Act of Parliament.

We reserve the right to withhold payment where the goods or services have not been provided in accordance with the contract. We expect our suppliers to pay any sums due to sub-contractors promptly and within a period not exceeding that set out above.

The Prompt Payment Code

We are an approved signatory of the Prompt Payment Code, a code of practice launched by the Department for Business Enterprise in 2008.

See the Prompt Payment Code website for details.


contact the purchase to pay team

Please note that if you are chasing for late payment of an invoice (over 30 days) you should first contact your Camden buyer to ensure that they have receipted the goods or services.