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Avoid illegal street traders

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Avoid illegal street traders

Licensed traders should have a licence card, issued by Camden Council, displayed on their stall or vehicle. We license traders to ensure that they are selling genuine goods, are practising good food hygiene, and have the necessary insurance to cover you (and themselves) should something go wrong.

Fly traders or people selling goods on the streets without a licence create obstructions for pedestrians and are unfair competition to legitimate traders. The kinds of illegal trading include roasted nut sellers, people selling stolen or counterfeit goods, and the ball and cup scam.

You should avoid these illegal traders as:

  • they sell illegal goods of dubious quality
  • their activity often supports other crime
  • you will not be able to return faulty or misdescribed items
  • if they’re selling food, there’s no way of knowing if it’s safe to eat

Illegal street traders risk prosecution, a fine of £100, and loss of all their goods.