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After a planning application is granted

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After a planning application is granted

What you need to know

How long have I got to carry out a planning permission?  

You have three years to start on your development unless a condition attached to the planning permission says differently. If you haven’t started the development after three years, you will need to re-apply for planning permission.  

Can I get confirmation that a planning permission has started?  

For proof that a planning permission has started within three years, you can Apply for a Lawful Development Certificate

What should I do if planning permission is granted with conditions?  

You need to check the wording of the condition. If needed, you should apply for approval of details before you start the development. This is known as ‘discharging conditions’. You can discharge more than one planning condition at a time. 

If you do not agree with a condition attached to your permission, you can submit a removal of condition application. You will need to provide a strong argument for this though.

You can also appeal against a condition that you disagree with

Find out more about the use of planning conditions

What if I need to make changes to a planning permission? 

There are two types of amendments you can apply for following the grant of planning permission:

How do I know whether the amendment is material or non-material? 

There are no set guidelines as to what can be considered as non-material or minor material. Each case is assessed on its own merits.  

You can find detailed guidance about both these types of applications. See the ‘Flexible options for planning permissions’ section of the Planning Practice Guidance website  

If you are still not sure contact the planning advice and information service. We will advise you on the best amendment route to take. 

Considerate Companies Guide

A considerate company actively looks to limit the impacts of the business on the wider area in terms of noise generation and disturbance. It acknowledges that Camden is a densely built borough with a tight mix of commercial and residential properties. It works with the local community to make changes where necessary to manage impacts. It follows all the necessary legislation and ensures all necessary consents are sought from the Council.

Camden wants to help businesses succeed whilst protecting the amenity of other residents and businesses. This guide seeks to help all new businesses opening in Camden. It includes questions each business should ask before opening, and tips to be considerate of neighbours.