Register as a childcare provider

Register as a nanny 

Setting up a nursery business (PDF) 

Become a childminder 

Camden provides advice and support to childminders from enquiry stage, through the registration process, and when registered. To prepare for registration as a childminder:

1) Read the Childminder Factsheet (PDF).

2) Seek further information from an Early Years Advisor by calling: 0207 974 1629 or 0207 974 6172.

3) Complete training which helps you to understand and implement the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) before you can register with Ofsted or a childminder agency.

4) Register with Ofsted.

Useful resources:

The Childcare Sufficiency Assessment brings together a range of information about the supply and demand for childcare in Camden.
It aims to develop a clear and concise picture of the demand for childcare in Camden and identify unmet needs in childcare provision in Camden: