Register as a childcare provider

Register as a nanny 

Setting up a nursery business (PDF) 

Become a childminder 

Camden provides advice and support to childminders from enquiry stage, through the registration process, and when registered. To prepare for registration as a childminder:

1) Read the Childminder Factsheet (PDF) 

2) Book a free phone consultation with an Early Years Advisor by calling: 0207 974 1629 or 0207 974 6172

3) Book a place on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) course which covers:
•    the EYFS requirements 
•    Ofsted registration process 
•    working with parents and child development with observations 
•    assessment and planning

4) Register with Ofsted. For further information and course costing please, contact an Early Years Advisor by calling 0207 974 1629 or 0207 974 6172.

Useful resources:

The Childcare Sufficiency Assessment brings together a range of information about the supply and demand for childcare in Camden.
It aims to develop a clear and concise picture of the demand for childcare in Camden and identify unmet needs in childcare provision in Camden:

Childcare provider portal

This is Camden's system for early years funding claims and updating information on the childcare search. The system for childcare providers has 2 purposes:
•    submitting estimates and claims for free early years education funding
•    updating records on the childcare search


Help with using the provider portal

Submitting claims for early years funding (PDF)
Updating records on the childcare search (PDF)

Help for PVI providers only:

Submitting estimates for early years funding (PDF)

For forgotten passwords and other issues, contact family information service.