People who can help you at CLDS

symbol for social worker

There are social workers.  They help you decide what you need.  They try to help you and involve you in things

symbol for OT

There are OTs.  They can help you take part in activities and do things for yourself.  They can help you at home or at a place you go to during the day

symbol for speech therapy

There are speech therapists.  They can help you with speaking and communicating.  They can help you if you have problems eating and swallowing

symbol for physiotherapy

There are physios.  They can help you with your walking and movement if you have complicated needs

symbol for nursing

There are nurses.  They can talk to you about your health.  They can make sure you get the help you need from people like doctors

symbol for psychiatry

There are psychiatrists.  These are doctors who can help you if you have problems with your mental health

symbol for psychology

There are psychologists.  They can help you with thoughts and feelings that are troubling you.  They can help you with things you do that make life harder for you or other people.  This can mean things like hurting yourself or hurting other people

symbol for specialist support

There are specialist support workers.  They can help you if you need extra support with your health