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St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Boasting a grand, vibrant location near Kings Cross, St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London has five wedding venues suited for celebrations large and small.

With its national and international transport links, its the perfect place to bring everyone together.

The rooms licenced are: Hansom Hall (450 guests), The Paxton (30 guests), The Ordish (30 guests), Station Masters Office (20 guests), Billiard Room (30 guests), The Exchange (60 guests), The Quarters (60 guests), The Gallery (280 guests), The Ladies Smoking Room (150 guests), The Victorian Lounge (50 guests), The Royal Suite (150 guests), The Staircase (30 guests).


Euston Road
London NW1 2AR

020 7841 3540
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Approved Venue Fees

Registrars' fees

Mon – Fri (9am- 5pm): Monday to Thursday £625 / Friday £635

Sat - (9am- 8pm): £700

Sun - (9am- 8pm): £770

You can download our full fees (PDF).
Important note: Camden Town Hall).

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel
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