Benefits and Support - Private Renters in Camden

Benefits and Support

Paying your rent 

Paying your rent is one of the most important priority payments that you will make. Your tenancy is at risk if you do not pay your rent. If you are struggling, get advice straight away. 

Getting help 

If you are having problems paying your rent, you should speak to your landlord immediately as they could be sympathetic, especially if you’ve lost your job or seen your income reduce. 

If you ever need advice or support to manage money, debt or a change in circumstance, please get in touch with us on 020 7974 4444 or if you’re struggling with council tax arrears, call 020 7974 6414

We also work closely with organisations in our local voluntary and community sector (VCS) and Strategic Partner Fund who can also give you advice and support on specific issues. 

Support from your council 

Camden Council provides two main types of regular benefit to residents: 

  • Housing benefit - If you’re a Camden resident and are responsible for paying rent, claiming benefits, or you’re on a low income, you may be entitled to housing benefit.  
  • Council tax support - If you’re a Camden resident and are claiming Universal Credit, and if you’re employed on a low income or not receiving any income, you may be entitled to council tax support. 

There is also a one-off emergency payment that the Council can give of about 60% of your standard benefit amount. 

Find out more about the Local Welfare Assistance Scheme

Support from Government 

Most benefit is funded by the government, and you should apply for it on

Social Fund benefits 

The Social Fund is a government scheme to help people on a low income meet their expenses: 

For advice on benefits and help with applying, visit our Advice with money, benefits and debt page

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