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A man with curly hair and glasses looks directly at the camera. He sits with his hand resting on his fist in front of an orange background.

Cultural Comedy Tours at the Grant Museum

Comedy Tour Museum
Cultural Comedy Tours returns to the Grant Museum for a festive special packed full of winter treats and fascinating facts, this time with Leicester Square Comedian of the Year, Sam Nicoresti.
A man and a woman facing each other, in between them are a pair of glasses on a stand. Behind the woman is a organe coloured picture, behind the man is a picture of the sky.

In Plain Sight

Exhibition Art Science
‘In Plain Sight’ explores the different ways we see and are seen by others. It questions the central place that sight holds in human society through the different experiences of sighted, partially sighted and blind people.
A woman pops a pink bubblegum to the camera, there is pink bubble style text next to her which reads: Not a girl, not yet a woman

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Theatre New Work
In ‘Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman’, two confused performers in their late-twenties submerge themselves in Britney’s story to interrogate their own adultness.
Three small dresses, made out of maps

Tiny Traces: African & Asian Children

Exhibition History Museum
Tiny Traces presents a rich history of London life from 1739-1820, a key period in Britain’s colonial past. 

The Spotlight Sessions Final @Samsung KX

Music Black History Season
The grand finale of The Spotlight Sessions- A series of groundbreaking sessions placing a spotlight on black business and London's talent.
A picture of a large brick building, there are bubbles around the picture with images in them, one image is of a person with colourful eye shadow on, another with black and white portrait images and the third is with a book display which has LGBT books on it.

Queer Britain

LGBTQ+ Museum Exhibition
Queer Britain now has its first physical home in King’s Cross. The museum is a celebration of queer culture, providing an insight into the communities rich and complex histories.