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Report a street problem

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Report a street problem


If you are reporting a problem that is dangerous or is an emergency please contact Camden on 0207 974 4444 immediately

Street problems 

You can tell us if something is wrong on a street in Camden through FixMyStreet  

A problem on a street could include:

  • road signs and name plates
  • bollards
  • bridges
  • walls
  • roads and pavements
  • blocked or flooded drains
  • manholes
  • utility boxes and cabinets
  • street furniture
  • street lighting and zebra crossings
  • traffic lights

Report a problem


Thames Water repair and clean the pipes that carry wastewater from your street.   

If you see a drain that is leaking sewage outside and endangering wildlife or the environment, this should be reported to Thames Water.  

Report an issue to Thames Water  

Traffic and road safety schemes

You can report a problem with a traffic or road safety scheme by emailing

Street or housing estate cleaning problems  

You can report a cleaning problem using Love Clean Streets  

A cleaning problem on a street or council housing estate could include:  

  • dog fouling  
  • dumped rubbish   
  • overflowing bins  
  • dead animals  
  • graffiti  
  • market cleaning  
  • drug paraphernalia  
  • offensive posters 
  • oil or chemical spillages  
  • debris from road traffic accident 
  • abandoned vehicles and bikes

Report a cleaning problem 

There are different ways to report a dockless hire bike causing an obstruction.