An opportunity to discuss your proposed scheme

We are currently receiving a high volume of planning applications and pre-application requests, it is therefore taking us longer than usual to validate and determine submissions.
We are doing all we can to reduce delays to customers, but your understanding at this time is appreciated.

Our pre application advice service provides an opportunity to discuss your proposed scheme. You can also get clear written expert advice from a planning officer before you submit an application. This will let you know: 

  • whether or not your proposal is likely to be acceptable 
  • what can be done to make your application acceptable 
  • how we will apply our policies to your proposal 
  • which type of application form you will need and the related or supporting information you will need to submit.

We offer advice in the following categories: 

  • Changes to a single house or flat £460.00 inc VAT for: 
    • proposals to alter or extend a single house or a flat 
  • Changes to a listed building £1312.00 inc VAT for:
    • alterations to listed buildings where there is no increase in floor space
    • the fee is for proposals which require listed building consent only
    • if the proposal requires full planning or householder permission, then the charge would be both listed building and the fee from the relevant category
  • Minor development £1050.00 inc VAT for: 
    • residential conversions up to 4 residential units with no extensions 
    • extensions to non-residential buildings of up to 499m² 
    • non-residential changes of use of less than 500m² 
    • telecommunications equipment 
    • air conditioning/ventilation equipment 
    • shop fronts 
    • advertisements 
    • the demolition of an unlisted building in a conservation area 
    • minor amendment to previously approved schemes 
    • discharge of conditions attached to previously approved schemes 
  • Medium development £3,782.99 (inc VAT) (£3936.00 inc VAT from 1 April 2021) for: 
    • residential conversion with extensions of 1-9 units 
    • residential new build of 1-9 units 
    • extensions to non-residential buildings of 500-999m² 
    • changes of use between 500-999m² 

We also provide advice on major schemes, PPAs and provide a design review panel.

How do I submit a pre app request? 

Please email us at with the following information: 

  • summary of your proposal and what you want the advice to focus on 
  • drawings/sketches showing the proposal. Please label PDFs so it is clear what the drawing relates to, for example existing front elevation
  • it may help if you include photographs of the site and the surrounding area 

Due to COVID-19 and the need for staff to work remotely, we are no longer accepting paper pre application enquiries. Please email your enquiry to us at

What happens next? 

Once we have received your submission, we will contact you with the reference number, fee and how to make payment.

Find full details of the Camden Design Review Panel. This includes its purpose, what users of the service can expect, and a list of panel members.

Freedom of Information

We may be asked by members of the public to disclose pre-application advice requests and the advice we have provided. This is under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Subject to certain exemptions, we must release this information. However, personal contact details are protected under the Data Protection Act.  

We have decided to publish pre-application advice automatically once a related application is submitted. This is because of an increase in the number of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests on this subject. It is to ensure openness for applicants and consultees alike. It also reduces the costs involved in dealing with FOI requests. We may continue to receive requests for advice to be disclosed at earlier stages. These will need to be assessed individually under the legislation. 

If you think any information in your pre-application should be exempt, you should tell us at the time of your request.  You should state in writing the reasons why and time period for which the information should be treated as exempt. If we receive an information request relating to your development before a related application, we will consider any reasons you have given for making it exempt. We will contact you before giving any information.