A reliable and efficient lettings service

Camden Lettings work with over 400 letting agents and landlords, providing a reliable and efficient lettings service.

Camden Lettings offers a choice of a generous cash incentive, or guaranteed rental payments. We can help you to cut voids, maximise rent and let out your property quickly without paying lettings or admin fees.

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If you're interested, contact the Camden Lettings team to find out more, or ring our Camden Lettings Team on 020 7974 4158.

Properties we're interested in

Your property must meet our Camden Lettings standards.

We require all sizes of properties in and around the London area, our greatest need is currently for 2-bedroom homes.

For blocks containing multiple units we can offer a bespoke letting service. Please contact the Camden Lettings Manager directly for further information on blocks of properties. 

About Camden Lettings (video)

The benefits of Camden Lettings (video)