Impact of coronavirus on recycling, rubbish and street cleaning services

We are working closely with our partner Veolia to minimise the impact of coronavirus on recycling and rubbish services, street cleaning and other key environmental services.

You can help us keep things moving for everyone by supporting our collection and cleaning teams:

  • Put your recycling, rubbish and food waste out by 7am on your collection day or at the usual time if you live on a street with time-banded collections.
  • Try to reduce the amount you throw away and separate your rubbish and recycling before putting it out for collection. Check what can and can’t be recycled and order recycling bags if needed. 
  • Break down cardboard boxes from deliveries.
  • Help to keep yourself and your collection crews safe by wiping the handles of bins and recycling boxes when you put them out for collection.
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before and after you touch your containers. 
  • Make sure that all rubbish is placed into rubbish bags and that the bags are securely tied to help prevent spills and protect our collection teams and the public.
  • Put disposable face coverings and gloves in your rubbish bin – please don’t put them in your recycling.
  • Make sure your car is parked considerately – with more people working from home, our crews are experiencing difficulties accessing some roads on collection day.
  • As ever, please don’t fly tip or litter – this puts more pressure on our services.

Self-isolating households

It is vital that households that are self-isolating because of a confirmed or possible case of coronavirus follow the Government’s 'Stay at home' guidance on managing household waste:

  • Cleaning cloths and personal waste such as used tissues and disposable face coverings should be stored in disposable rubbish bags.
  • These rubbish bags should be placed into a second bag, tied securely and put aside for at least 72 hours before being put out for collection.
  • Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.