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How we are tackling engine idling

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How we are tackling engine idling

Tackling engine idling is part of our commitment to improve air quality

Engine idling produces air pollution and increases the amount of toxic air that we breathe, which has a significant impact on people’s health. Tackling engine idling is part of Camden’s commitment to improve air quality.

There is a borough-wide traffic management order in place which prohibits vehicle engine idling on Camden roads. Our Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) are able to approach drivers where they observe engine idling and request that they switch the engine off whilst stationary.

If the driver then refuses to switch off the engine the CEO will issue a Penalty Charge Notice (currently £80 or £40 if paid within 14 days). It should be noted that there are exemptions in circumstances where the engine is required to power necessary functions of the vehicle such as hydraulic doors or refrigeration units.

If you observe a driver idling their vehicle’s engine, or if you would like to inform us of engine idling occurring frequently in a particular location, you can let us know on our Report engine idling page. Please note that we will not be able to respond to comments submitted to us, however the information you provide will be used to inform our patrols.

Idling Action programme

Camden Council is leading the delivery of the London Idling Action Project, which sees 31 local authorities joining forces to tackle engine idling and improve air quality with support from the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund.

As part of the project, Camden is offering its primary schools opportunities to take part in anti-idling workshops, and is able to provide free resources and toolkits for businesses and community groups wanting to help tackle this avoidable source of health-damaging air pollution.

In addition, Camden has taken the #EnginesOff pledge and is committed to ensuring its drivers and contractors will avoid engine idling wherever possible.

What can you do to help tackle engine idling?

  • Hold an anti-idling workshop at your school
  • Register your interest in joining a local ‘idling action’ event, where we talk to drivers at hotspot idling locations
  • Take the #EnginesOff pledge to showcase your organisation’s commitment to driving down air pollution from engine idling
  • Download the toolkits and comms materials to help share the anti-idling message and educate drivers about the importance of switching engines off, every stop

For more information visit Idling Action London's website