How the volunteer brokerage service can help you and your organisation

The service can help match volunteers with voluntary and community organisations which have a need for verified/ vetted volunteers. The service will also help to verify or carry out new DBS check with volunteers.

You can use the brokerage service to request volunteers with specific skills or background for community activity.  

If you need volunteers for a particular role please email and let us know:

  • What the role is (brief summary)
  • How many volunteers you need
  • Is a DBS required?
  • Your contact details including phone number

When we have this information, a member of the team will contact you.

If you have existing volunteers that either need their current DBS to be verified or need a new DBS:

Please email using the heading ‘COVID Volunteer Enquiry’. A member of the DBS team will contact you.

You can also use the brokerage services as part of your contingency planning:  

  • Do you have particular activity planned that will need specific volunteer skills? The brokerage service can search for volunteers who have declared those skills and vet/ ID check them.  
  • Do you have concerns about how you might fulfil your future volunteering needs? You can contact the brokerage service now with your needs so we can start contacting the people you need.  
  • Do you think the needs of your clients/ organisation might change as lockdown continues or we move into a recovery period? You can contact the service with more information about your future needs so we can update and review our training offer to volunteers

Contact us at

Advice for key workers and volunteers

We know many of you have been asking about the government announcement and increased restrictions and what this means for your organisations, in particular volunteers.

We have worked with colleagues in public health to provide clarification. Volunteers, as well as VCS staff are considered vital to support the running of essential services. Provided VCS organisations and volunteers are engaged in delivering essential services, including collecting/ delivering shopping and medication, the recent government restrictions do not apply to these activities.  

In light of the restrictions and to keep everyone safe, the advice and guidance for volunteers to prevent the spread of infection still applies - this includes avoiding face to face contact and frequent thorough hand washing. Please note that this may change based on further announcements/ guidance. Find out more in the volunteer checklist document (PDF).

Guidance for safely reopening community centres

On this page we have listed some resources to support VCS organisations in preparation for reopening of their facilities. Managers of community facilities have discretion over when they consider it safe to open for any activity permitted by legislation and may decide to remain closed if they are not able to make their space COVID-19 secure.

Please note that these materials are provided as illustrative examples for organisations to refer to, and adapt and use if appropriate. It is the responsibility of individual organisations to plan for the safe re-opening of premises, ensuring compliance with any relevant government guidance, the Coronavirus Act 2020, and any other applicable legal and statutory requirements.

You can also find these and other resources on the Voluntary Action Camden (VAC) website. VAC will update their library of resources on an ongoing basis, so do check back regularly. 


  1. Public Health guidance to reopening of community centres: A local guide produced for VCS organisations by Camden & Islington Public Health (updated 10th August 2020)
  2. Government guidance for community centres can be found here: “COVID-19: Guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities”
  3. Government guidance on which setting require members of the public to wear a face covering (includes community centres from 8th August)
  4. NHS Test & Trace: A presentation for VCS organisations by Camden & Islington Public Health, hosted by Camden Council (2nd July 2020)
  5. Reopening Buildings Post Covid-19: A presentation for VCS by Locality, hosted by Voluntary Action Camden (9th July 2020)
  6. Reopening Guidance from Locality

Risk Assessments:

  1. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Covid-19 risk assessment 
  2. Examples from risk assessment templates used by Camden Council for its own premises and activities:
  3. Risk assessment template provided by Locality (included in Locality “Reopening Buildings Post Covid-19”presentation)
  4. Example_Library Reopening_Library recovery toolkit
  5. Example_Parish Risk Assessment Template

Signs – examples used by Camden Council:

  1. NHS Test & Trace Keep Camden Safe poster (English; other languages coming soon)
  2. Summary of All Building Signs


  • COVID Secure e-learning programme from Community Matters (small charges may apply). Designed for staff and volunteers to do before the organisation re-opens. The course covers: 
    • Coronavirus
    • Risk assessment – hand-washing, surfaces, seating arrangements
    • Getting to work – travelling there and moving round the premises
    • Common areas
    • Working and meeting with customers, colleagues and visitors
    • Cleaning – before, during and at the end of the working day
    • Face and body coverings
    • Deliveries
    • Accidents & incidents
    • Raising concerns

More information and instructions to request the training can be found in this Community Matters newsletter or by emailing