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Your property, date of birth and college details

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The spouses and dependants of students from abroad

Please send us a copy of the page of your passport which shows your visa.

Are you living in the UK with someone from abroad who is a full time student?
Are you normally resident in the UK?
Do you have a UK passport?
Under the terms of your visa are you prohibited from access to support from public funds or to undertake paid work?

Form about to be sent

Before submitting, please read the information below.

Before you press submit form please check your information and make sure it is correct. Once submitted we will send you a PDF of all the information below to the email address you supplied.

In order to validate your status as a student you will need to send a PDF or JPG image of your original certificate along with the PDF we have sent you to
Please include in the subject line of the email your Council Tax Reference Number if you have one.

For council tax purposes your original certificate from your
College/University needs to contain the following:

- Name and address of University/College
- Name of Student
- Confirmation you are following a course of education
- Start date of your course
- End date of your course
- Confirmation of the hours studied per week (including
study, tuition or work experience)

If you are unsure about what needs to be submitted, please contact the Council Tax Office on 020 7974 6467 and an officer will be happy to assist you with your query.

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