We are closely following Government guidance on street works and road works during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working to reduce the impact essential works may have on residents. 

Government measures

The Government has made it clear that our roads should remain open. They expect emergency and essential street works and road works to continue. This includes works that maintain utility services and highway services. 

The Government has not directed works being carried out by utility companies to stop. We don’t have the authority to stop these works. These include telecommunications and broadband maintenance.

Until the Government stops these works, or offers an alternative/update to the existing guidance, we will need to continue to work with utilities companies. Our work will be to reduce the impact that these essential works have on residents.
The Department for Transport, together with other street works organisations, has issued guidance for how Local Authorities should approach street works as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic
The Government has also issued guidance for telecommunications infrastructure deployment, emphasising that it is considered a critical sector and therefore must continue.

Those working in the utilities and the communications sectors are classified as key workers. This is because broadband is an essential component to keeping the nation connected in these exceptional times.

What we are doing

We are closely following the Government guidance. We have no authority to stop works being carried out by utility companies, including telecommunications and broadband works. Therefore where possible we will aim to:

  • limit the hours in which noisy works take place
  • use sound limiting barriers, particularly in residential streets
  • encourage the use of less noisy equipment
  • restrict weekend works
  • communicate with residents explaining why the works need to take place, what will happen and when
  • encourage utilities to focus on busier, less residential roads during the period of lockdown
  • limit the works being carried out on key strategic routes and near hospitals.

 All utility and council contractors must abide by the Government guidance on social distancing. Where this is not possible they must follow the appropriate and correct guidance on use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

If you believe that any contractor working in Camden is not complying with Government guidance, please report this directly to the Government Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Email concerns@hse.gov.uk