Apply online for street naming and numbering

Before you begin your application, you should review our guidelines.

If you are not the owner of the property, you must provide written consent of the requested address changes from the owner.

Your application must include a detailed site plan that shows where the entrance to the property is located. It must also include a copy of the land registry deeds.

Where relevant, you must provide a planning application reference that shows permission for any stated works to the property has been granted. Your application may not be considered without this. 

If an application is approved we will then send instructions to Royal Mail who are responsible for assigning postcodes. 

Applications can take up to six weeks to complete and larger ones may take longer.

Naming a building or street

If you want to name or rename a building or street, we recommend you submit at least three names in case one or more does not meet the criteria. 

Your name should:

  • be logical 
  • have some connection to the local area 
  • not be duplicated within the borough. 

If you want to name a building or street after a person, we will need written permission from them or their estate. 

Once submitted we will then consult with London Fire Brigade, who act in this case on behalf of all emergency services, to make sure they do not have any objections.

Postal address enquiries 

The Royal Mail assign postcodes, but they will not add addresses to their database or amend it without instruction from us first.

If you are having issues, such as your address not appearing on the Royal Mail online search function,  contact us first so that we  can look into the problem. 


The following charges apply to all applications for street naming or numbering from 1 April 2020:

New sites or developments

  • 1-9 units - £193.37
  • 10-20 units - £253.78
  • For each additional unit - £36.26 per unit (e.g. 20 units would be £253.78 + (5x36.26) i.e. £435.08)
  • Naming a new street (includes access ways, mews, cul-de-sacs) - £313.70
  • Naming or renaming of a property - fee is £231.81

Existing property

  • Naming or renaming of a property - fee is £231.81
  • Renumbering of a property - fee is £231.81
  • Renaming of a street - fee is £415.27
  • Postcode enquiries - no charge
  • Resubmission with new proposals if original application refused - no charge if made within 1 month of refusal