Service Charges

View and Pay your service charge

Service charge guide (PDF)

Leaseholders are required to pay annual ground rent, usually £10 per year, and service charges – these are a contribution towards services or works provided to the block or estate where your property is located. Charges must be paid quarterly in advance each year on: 31 March; 30 June; 30 September; and 31 December.

The Council will send your estimated service charge invoice at the start of the financial year. This will provide a summary of costs giving a breakdown of the total amount payable.

In September each year we will send you an actual adjustment for the previous year.  If your estimated service charge was too low we will send you an invoice asking you to pay the additional amount.  If your estimated service charge was too high we will advise you of the credit to be put on your service charge account.

If you decide to pay your service charges monthly, it is important that you contact us to let us know.  If we have not recorded your instalment plan, you may receive reminder letters from us.

Your lease says you must pay service charges for your property.  Paying your service charges is just as important as paying your mortgage.  If you do not pay your service charges, Camden may take back your home. This is a last resort we would rather work with you to come to a suitable repayment agreement.

If you are struggling to pay your service charge and are receiving benefits the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) may help you to pay your service charges.  You should inform the DWP as soon as you get a bill.  If they are not able to help, you should go to an advice agency such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or Money Advice Servi


Camden arranges insurance cover for the buildings we own. You need to arrange cover for your contents. The cover provided by the Council is for the structure of your property and communal areas and includes accidental damage such as fire, storm damage, flooding and subsidence. The Insurance Policy and Summary of Cover includes important information about the building insurance. If Camden does not own the building the insurance will be arranged by the freeholder.

Insurance Policy (PDF)
Summary of Cover (PDF)

From April 2018, Arthur J Gallagher (AJG) will be the new buildings insurance provider. The Council is responsible for arranging buildings insurance for most leasehold properties under the lease terms. The new contract started on 1 April 2018 and will run for 5 years.


If you live in a building where the freehold is not owned by Camden you may have a different buildings insurer, please contact leaseholders services for more information.