For the period 1 January - 30 June 2020

SEO score 81.4 first six months of 2020

Our SEO score of 81.4, higher than 80.5 in 2019, is good but impacted by performance of sections of the site on mobile. Though the mobile score is higher than it was last year, this needs further improvement. We have identified the need to compress images and streamline other assets used by the site and will continue to work to address this.

Score breakdown

Technical - How well the technical elements of a website enable it to be accessed, crawled and indexed by search engine bots.

Content - The quality of a website's content with respect to how it engages users and search engines.

User experience - How effectively embedded information like links and visuals is used to enhance the user experience.

Mobile - How responsive or adaptable a website is to being used and displayed on a mobile device.

What is SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) score is a measure of how well the design and technical aspects of a website contribute towards ranking high in search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. The industry benchmark as of 31/12/2019 is 80.5.