Who needs a streetworks licence

A streetworks licence is required if you wish to place, retain and inspect, maintain, adjust, repair, alter or renew apparatus or change its position or remove it from the Highway. Applications are subject to the New Road and Street Works Act 1991.

The term apparatus includes drains, cables, ducts, sewer pipes, water and gas pipes etc.

Streetworks licences on Red Routes are licenced by Transport for London (TfL). You will need to contact TfL Forward Planning at TMANotifications@tfl.gov.uk

Application Fees

Capitalised Licence Fee

Cable £12,482.45
New Apparatus £624.12

Administration Fee

All applications will be subject to one of the following admin fees:

Licence Category Criteria Fee
  • The work site area will be more than 20m2 and/or
  • The excavation depth is greater than 1.5m and/or
  • The works will take longer than 10 days and/or
  • The works will taking place on a high category road (see appendix A)
  • A footway or carriageway closure is required and/or
  • The work site area will be more than 10m2 and/or
  • The works/work site will encroach onto the carriageway and/or
  • The works will take longer than 4 days
  • All other licences

Inspection Fees

The works must comply to the NRSWA 1991, Specification for the reinstatement of openings in the highway and all other relevant CoP and will be inspected to ensure that they comply. All associated fees as set out in the CoP for inspections will apply.

All applications will be subject to an initial fee to cover the inspections. (details of inspections can be found on the application form) £200

Additional Charges

Defect Inspection Regime

In order to protect the integrity of the highway the London Borough of Camden will undertake inspections of the reinstated highway (as per NRSWA Section 72). If your completed reinstatement does not meet the specification as detailed in the current SROH the defect inspection regime will commence until a compliant reinstatement is completed. 

All defect inspections are charged at £47.50 per inspection. Any defect inspections fees incurred will be deducted from your Deposit.

Extending your Licence

The cost to extend your licence is £139.39 per extension requested.



Apply for a licence

Apply by email

Step 1: download: Section 50 application and guidelines (PDF)
Step 2: Print off the pack and fill in the application form, referring to the guidelines where necessary
Step 3: Scan and email to: section50applications@camden.gov.uk
Step 4: Refer to the terms and conditions as there are certain conditions that you will need to meet leading up to the start of your work; some of these need to be completed up to 4 week before you start works

Alternatively, you can apply by post. Send your application to the Streetworks Team.