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ScootAbility loans vehicles, such as scooters and power chairs to residents in Camden and Islington, who:

  • are at least 16 years and
  • have a mobility impairment

Applicants need proof of permanent residence. We deliver vehicles to and from your home if:

  • your home is vehicle accessible and
  • you have suitable charging and storage facilities


The two types of free membership are:

  • day loan only - your property has a secure storage area, but no suitable charging facilities
  • one to seven days loanyour property is accessible for vehicle storage, has a secure storage area and charging facilities

What happens after you apply


You need to be able to use the vehicles safely before becoming a member. You’ll complete a training session which provides the opportunity to use a vehicle and deal with any concerns you may have. Our trained professionals will help you feel confident and safe when using our vehicles. Once training has been successfully completed, you will be awarded membership.

Home assessment

Applicants need a home assessment carried out by a qualified professional. This ensures the vehicle will not be stolen or vandalised, and involves:

  • checking vehicle access and storage space
  • advice on keeping your vehicle securely at your home if you are able to
  • advice on the use of locking mechanisms, chains and padlocks
  • checking there is somewhere to recharge the vehicle using indoor mains sockets. It costs a few pence to charge overnight

Minor adaptations

The home assessment may identify that minor adaptations are needed to your home or external storage facility. We can assist with costs to enable members to use the service. Dependent upon the cost you may be asked to contribute. If you need a ramp to get a vehicle into your home, some are available that may be suitable. If you’re not the home owner, permission must be sought from your landlord before adaptations are carried out.


Our vehicles:

  • have a maximum speed limit of 4mph
  • are capable of a maximum 10 mile round trip
  • can only be used on the pavement, not the road
  • can’t carry passengers
  • shouldn’t be driven in bad weather
  • don’t require a driving licence
  • have rain covers available

Our scooters also have baskets on the front for carrying luggage or shopping. You don’t need to purchase insurance as our scheme insurance covers members. Members will be sent the terms and conditions.

Book a vehicle

You’ll receive a welcome pack explaining how to book by phone. Vehicles need to be booked in advance and returned at the agreed time. Our appointed provider will deliver and collect vehicles.