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Building safety for high rise buildings

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Building safety for high rise buildings

Any building that is 18 metres or more, or that has 7 or more floors, must be registered with the Building Safety Regulator. From April 2024, building owners need to provide the regulator with building safety case reports for all their registered buildings.

A building safety case identifies a building's major fire and structural hazards. It shows how the building owner is managing the risks as far as possible. Building safety cases for these buildings will be made available online in due course.

Building safety managers

Building Safety Managers ensure that Camden's High Rise Residential Buildings (HRRBs) are maintained to high technical standards to ensure compliance with all requirements of the Building Safety Act. Building Safety Managers are responsible for producing Building Safety Cases for these buildings.

Building Safety Managers work closely with the Building Safety Manager Team Leader, Building Surveyor(s), Fire Advisor(s) and other relevant services to ensure works at their buildings are correctly specified and ensure that Camden’s properties are maintained in accordance with contracts and best practice. They also act as the point of contact for the regulator, fire & rescue services and residents.

If you live in a high-rise residential building that has been registered with the regulator, your Building Safety Manager can be reached at [email protected].

Building Safety Cases for Camden buildings

The High Rise Building Registration lists all of the residential blocks we have registered with the Building Safety Regulator. We will prepare and update building safety case reports for these buildings as part of our responsibilities under the Building Safety Act 2022.

A building safety case report describes a high rise building's:

  • layout
  • construction
  • services
  • management  

The report demonstrates all the steps we have taken to keep the building safe for residents, staff and visitors. It shows how we will prevent building safety risks happening and reduce the seriousness if they do.

We will make building safety cases for these buildings available online in due course.