The retrofit programme

Camden Council declared a climate emergency in 2019. Since then, we have committed to the ambitious target of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2030. 

Camden Council owns 33,000 properties in Camden and many are very old – some were built before 1920. Unfortunately, this means that some homes aren’t as energy efficient as they could be and are responsible for 75,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year. 

We also know that it’s not easy for people to heat their homes, and energy bills are expensive. Around 10,000 council households in Camden are currently living in fuel poverty and sadly, this number is expected to rise as prices increase.

To tackle fuel poverty and climate change, we are carrying out a programme of retrofit works over the coming years to make council homes more energy efficient. 

As part of the Camden Climate Action Plan, we are aiming to make all of our council properties energy efficient, comfortable and fit for a zero carbon future.

It’s important for future generations that we drastically cut the carbon emissions from our council homes to play our part in reversing climate change. 

Almost all of our 33,000 properties will need to be improved but we will be starting at our least energy efficient properties first. 

Retrofit works and the benefits

Retrofit works are designed to improve the energy efficiency of existing properties. They can include installing better insulation in floors, walls and ceilings, upgrading doors and windows, installing more efficient heating systems and much more. 

Benefits of retrofit works for residents

Improving the energy efficiency of our existing buildings will make a big difference to everyone living there, now and in the future. There will be lots of benefits for residents once the works have been completed.

These include:

  • Homes will be warm and comfortable to live in
  • The energy needed to heat a home will be reduced
  • Carbon emissions from each home will be drastically cut.

Funding the retrofit works

We are always looking into different ways to fund retrofit works, such as grants from central government and investment from the private sector. 

We have already secured funding for several retrofit projects that will contribute towards the project costs and we are seeking further funding for others.

Each project will be different and the costs will depend on the age, condition and size of the building, as well as what funding the project is eligible for.

We will always discuss any potential works with Camden Council tenants and leaseholders in advance of work being carried out. 

Help with your energy bills

If you are worried about the cost of your gas, electricity or water, the Green Camden Helpline offer free advice. The team can help with: 

  • Fuel debt  
  • Cheaper tariffs  
  • Energy or water bill discounts  
  • Energy efficiency grants  
  • Well and Warm home visits.  

Call the team for free on 0800 801 738, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. 

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