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Road signs and street name plates

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Road Signs

We do not hold stocks of road signs so, in some cases, we will have to order a new sign from the manufacturer. Once received these can be installed the next day.

Where the road sign is illuminated, the fault may involve broken or dangerous wiring. In this case, we are not authorised to undertake any electrical repairs, this work must be done by the electricity supplier UK Power Networks. Unfortunately, in these cases the work can take up to six weeks to be done, a timescale that we do not have any control over. We are trying to reduce this timescale by meeting with representatives from UK Power Networks.

Road sign requests

Road signs are provided in order to give information, although there are many that must be provided by law.

We, as a local authority, must authorise all signs that are erected on the highway. We also ensure that all the signs are inspected every three months. These include both illuminated and non-illuminated signs.

What type of sign would you like us to erect?

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