If you’re a vulnerable member of the community and we can’t help improve your home we may be able to provide support for you to:

  • relocate to more suitable accommodation
  • pay for moving costs
  • pay for utility connection costs or fees for services provided by approved organisations such as a Home Improvement Agency

We can offer this if:

  • the cost of refurbishing the property to fix significant hazards is more than other grant assistance and other sources of finances are not available
  • if you have a disability and the occupational therapist advises that your privately rented property is unsuitable for adaptation works, or the cost of the works is more than the grant assistance and other sources of finances are not available

How much can I get?

You can apply for a maximum grant of up to £12,000. 

Who can apply?

To apply you must be:

  • receiving an approved benefit
  • a private sector tenant, excluding housing association tenants, with a disability who is eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant for adaptations which cannot be achieved in their current home

Grant conditions 

Before applying for this grant please read the guidance explaining the grant conditions:

  • we will not pay a grant unless evidence is provided that other sources of financial assistance are not reasonably available
  • we must be satisfied that the grant it is suitable for the applicant
  • agreement that the property is suitable from Camden’s Occupational Therapy Service must be given
  • you cannot apply for this grant if you have already moved
  • applicants must receive written approval from us before moving to another property

Receiving this grant does not prevent you applying and potentially receiving grants and assistance from other schemes in this policy.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please contact us at hrgrant@camden.gov.uk