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Register a stillbirth

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Register a stillbirth

Important: Camden Register Office has now moved back to Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE. All services will be offered from Camden Town Hall.

Our office at Crowndale Centre has now closed entirely.

When should I register a Still Birth?

The law requires you to register a still-birth within 42 days of it occurring, unless it was referred to a coroner. Even in most coroner's cases, stillbirths should still be registered within 42 days.

Where do I register a Still-Birth?

The still-birth should normally be registered in the registration district where it happened. So if the still-birth occurred within the London Borough of Camden (for example at University College Hospital, Royal Free Hospital, you will need to see us.

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If the still-birth happened elsewhere, then you should normally go to the district office for that area.

Who should attend to register the stillbirth?

The natural parents of the still-born child should ideally complete the registration. We would encourage you to bring a friend or relative for support if you wish.

Which documents are required?

  •  the medical certificate of still-birth (this is mandatory unless a coroner's case)
  •  formal ID such as the passport or birth certificate of the natural parents (this is not mandatory)

In coroner's cases, the coroner normally faxes us the appropriate certificate directly but it is important to contact us before your appointment to confirm we have received it.  

What information will I be asked?

The registrar has to record certain details about the still-born child. He or she will ask you questions in private and record the details into a computer database. You will be asked for the following information about the still-birth:

  •     child’s full name and surname (if any)
  •     parent’s full names and occupation
  •     parent’s place and date of birth
  •     parent’s occupation and usual address
  •     whether parents were married at the time of the still-birth

Which documents will I get from the registrar?

  •     a certificate for burial or cremation 
  •     a certificate of registration of still-birth
  •     full version of still-birth certificate 

What if the stillbirth was referred to the Coroner?

Please contact the register office for advice.

Request a baby loss certificate

If your pregnancy ends before 24 weeks, you can get a certificate in memory of your baby.  It’s free to get a certificate.

You do not need to request a certificate if you prefer not to. It’s optional.

For more information please follow this link to the GOV.UK website.