Camden has a long tradition of artists living and working in the borough. Major visual artists like Anthony Caro and Henry Moore have been based here. It’s a tradition that’s carried on, with art and artists at the very heart of the communities, and creative people from all over the world coming to Camden to create and showcase their work. 


Viewing public art in Camden

Camden supports innovative public art as part of new developments in the borough, to create and showcase Camden and design an environment that’s unique and will give pleasure to our residents, businesses and the many visitors.

The new Kings Cross development, for example, has public art built into its core. The Camden Arts Centre has released a map of artists walks around the wider Kings Cross area. Also, Regent's Place has recently completed its public art program as part of the new development: Regent’s Place Art Guide.

Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins is central to the new King's Cross development area, and the host of galleries and museums showcase the most eclectic new artworks, whilst continuing to offer public programs, and working with schools and communities.

Camden Art Collection

The collection comprises a variety of works dating from the late 1950s to the late 1980s, with many pieces by artists who had a strong connection to the borough.

Some works were inherited from the predecessor authorities which were gifted artwork when the Council was established in 1965. Other works we directly purchased by the Council from 1965 to 1985, with limited funding from a small ‘Picture Loan’ scheme that the Council operated.

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The setting up of the online gallery included collaboration with the public catalogue foundation, now Art UK, which photographed and recorded all of the paintings.

Contemporary public art in Camden