Camden has a long tradition of artists living and working in the borough. Major visual artists like Anthony Caro and Henry Moore have been based here. It’s a tradition that’s carried on, with art and artists at the very heart of the communities, and creative people from all over the world coming to Camden to create and showcase their work. 


Viewing public art in Camden

Camden supports public art that reflects the borough’s spirited nature and holds our community’s values at the heart of the project, creating a playful environment that brings enjoyment to our residents, local businesses, and many visitors. 

The Kings Cross development, for example, has public art built into its core. You can uncover the stories behind these pieces on a self-guided walk around the area.

Camden Art Collection

Camden holds a varied collection of works from the late 1950s to the late 1980s, with many pieces by artists who have a strong connection to the borough.

Some works were inherited from earlier authorities who gifted these artworks to the Council when it was established in 1965. Other works were purchased by the Council during 1965 to 1985, with funding from a small ‘Picture Loan’ scheme the Council ran. 

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