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Progression policy

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Progression policy

Progression in music in Camden

We want to make sure every child in Camden can join in musical activities that matter to them. Children should be able to take part in music in any way that suits them.

We want to help young people make their own choices and set out their own musical pathways. We understand everyone has their own ways of engaging with different types of music and we need to develop our understanding of how we can support this.

To do this we:

  • support all Camden schools, including our Special schools, to offer classroom music and lessons on musical instruments
  • make sure that children can develop their understanding and skills as they progress
  • help primary schools encourage children who have been learning an instrument in free whole-class lessons to continue if they want to
  • help secondary schools to know what new Year 7 pupils have done in music, so they can build on what the students already know
  • organise lots of concerts, for children and young people to listen to, and perform in
  • have music groups for children from 0 to 18 years, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)
  • help families to decide which groups will suit their child, and when their child should move to a more advanced group
  • organise music exams for those who want to take them, and our Arts Award Club offers three qualifications for those who are interested in any of the arts
  • offer work experience, paid internships, and signpost students to other organisations and providers
  • help people on low incomes afford music lessons and groups by keeping our prices low, offering discounts and special schemes, such as four-year bursaries

What we want to do next

Children in Camden primary schools go on to secondary schools in and outside the borough. This means it is difficult to see how children have progressed throughout school unless they have taken part in our own activities. We plan to find a good way to track pupil progress with our schools in the future.

We know there are children and families in Camden who don’t find anything in our offer to interest them. This may be because of the kind of music it is, or because of the time, place or way that we offer it. We aim to improve our offer over time, by talking to different communities and working with them to change or extend what we do.

Find out how we work with children and young people on our website or contact the Music Service at [email protected] with any questions.