How people are accessing our website

Type of devices used to access the new website (2018-2019)

Device types

Type of devices used to access the old website (2017-2018)


Devices used to access the website in 2017 to 2018



Accessibility score

​​​​​​accessibility score chart

  • scores 81.9 with respect to how well the site meets the WCAG 2 (Web Content Accessibility Guidance) measures. This demonstrates significant improvement from our old website where during the same period last year we had a score of 70.1.
  • This score exceeds the governments industry benchmark score of 74.3 (as of 11/12/2019).
  • The Camden Account has an accessibility score of 95.2.
  • Steps to improve this score would involve reducing the proportion of pages on the Camden web site which have one or more level A or AA accessibility errors.




Navigation depth

Navigation depth is the average number of clicks (pages visited) to get to a certain page.

On the old site, the majority of users took 10 or more clicks to get to their desired page. This has significantly reduced.

The majority of users on the new site during the month of October reached their intended page within 2-4 clicks as the graphs below demonstrate.

October 2019

navigation depth October 2019


October 2018

Navigation depth for October 2018


Search engine optimization performance

SEO score details 80.4

The SEO score is a measure of how well the user-facing and technical aspects of a website contribute towards ranking high in search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. The industry benchmark is 80.8.

Score breakdown

Technical - How well the technical elements of a website enable it to be accessed, crawled and indexed by search engine bots.

Content - The quality of a websites content with respect to how it engages users and search engines.

User experience - How effectively embedded information like links and visuals is used to enhance the user experience.

Mobile - How responsive or adaptable a website is to being used and displayed on a mobile device.

Where the website has significant room for improvement is with respect to its mobile performance. With the increasing mobile audience for the site, this would be an area of concern that will need to be addressed urgently. The main reason for the low score is due to the large size of some of our websites images. Work will be done to compress the file size of all of our images.

SEO score progress

SEO progress graph

The chart above shows the progress of our search engine optimisation score over the last two years. For context, our website was launched in December 2018. The graph shows the improvement in our search engine optimisation since the launch of our new website.

Quality assurance

quality assurance score

SiteImprove’s Quality Assurance score measures the credibility and usability of the website.
Camden scores highly with respect to how up-to-date the information presented to users is, how quickly users are able to comprehend the sites content, user retention and security.