Hampstead and Kilburn Parliamentary Constituency

Name Party Votes
Luk, Johnny Conservative Party 13892
Pointon, James Brexit Party 684
Sanders, Matt Liberal Democrats 13121
Siddiq, Tulip Labour Party 28080
Stansell, David Green Party 1608






Tulip Siddiq is duly elected as MP for Hampstead and Kilburn Constituency.

Turnout for Hampstead and Kilburn Constituency: 66.5%


Holborn and St Pancras Parliamentary Constituency

Name Party Votes
Bhatti, Mohammad Ali UK Independence Party 138
Birchwood, Hector Brexit Party 1032
De Keyser, Kirsten Green Party 2746
Hayward, Alexandra Conservative Party 8878
Kirk, Matthew Johnathan Liberal Democrats 7314
Scripps, Thomas Social Equality Party 37
Starmer, Keir Labour Party 36641







Keir Starmer is duly elected as MP for Holborn and St Pancras Constituency.

Turnout for Holborn and St Pancras Constituency: 66.3%


Haverstock By-Election

Name Party Votes
Fleming, Jack Francis Edmund Liberal Democrats 776
McAnena Wood, Gail Labour Party 3121
McQueen, Catherine Conservative Party 781
Watts, Hunter Green Party 787





Gail McAnena Wood is duly elected as member for Haverstock ward.