Parking enforcement


We will continue to protect NHS and critical workers providing a response to coronavirus by assisting them getting to work safely.

All current essential worker permits that we have provided in this area run until Saturday 31 October.

Key worker applications

We will continue to provide parking provision where we can on the highway for essential workers who need to drive into Camden.

Amongst the workers we will continue to support with this offer are:

  • NHS workers (though we would encourage the use of the official NHS parking pass scheme)
  • Carers and healthcare workers
  • GP's
  • Dentists
  • Council essential staff
  • Emergency services
  • Teachers and school staff

Any new essential worker applicants from the list above seeking permission to park on-street in Camden can make a request through this form. Your request will then be assessed, and parking provided where available. There are also a limited number of off-street spaces, on council estates, which may be available as part of this offer.

We continue working closely with NHS trusts in Camden to identify their needs and match it to our offer.

Parking enforcement

  • We will continue to only relocate vehicles that are parked dangerously or impeding the flow of emergency service vehicles until further notice.
  • Parking suspensions will recommence as current government advice provides for certain sectors of the economy to restart. We will continue to reserve the right to review each application made and to cancel them where we feel they put essential service delivery at risk or do not provide enough space to socially distance for the public.

Our Civil Enforcement Officers have continued to patrol the streets throughout the pandemic providing a critical marshalling service to support and direct key workers that have been provided with free parking across the borough.

Officers have also carried out a number of critical frontline roles crucial to the coronavirus response. We ask that they continue to receive your support whilst carrying out this valuable role.

Transport guidance

In line with current  government guidance, please stay at home as much as possible and avoid public transport unless essential. Residents are encouraged to walk or cycle where possible to ease pressure on parking demand and to help keep physically active. Please note: if you do have to travel on public transport from Monday 15 June you will be required to wear a face covering to limit the spread of coronavirus, you can read more here.

If you are NHS staff we have compiled the below that may be of interest to you:

Public transport

Public transport should only be used if essential. If you must use public transport please try to travel outside of peak times if you can. Wear a face covering (this will be mandatory from Monday 15 June) and wash your hands before and after you travel.