COVID-19 Parking Provision

18th June 2021

As you will be aware, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we have provided a range of measures in support of various groups across the borough. This has included providing parking permits and recognising a number of other permit schemes for a variety of key groups.   

In line with the Government moves out of lockdown, currently due to complete on July 19th as well as the continued roll out of the vaccination programme and the ending of Government support for the NHS, Care and Volunteer permit as of June 21st, we have taken the decision to cease support of the NHS permit as well as ending all of our other COVID-19 based parking permits as of July 30th.  

We will on the same date withdraw all other parking permits and provisions that we put in place to support COVID-19 measures across the borough. This includes those permits and measures that we put in place for teachers and teaching staff and other essential worker groups.  We will start to issue warning notices to vehicles we see parked using these permits from July 19th to provide further warning of them being no longer valid in Camden form July 30th.

This means that if you now wish to use a Paid for Parking bay across Camden then you will now need to pay the prevailing charges for those short term parking bays and to have a valid permit for any of our permit holder only bays. If your vehicle is not displaying the relevant permit or the relevant charge has not been paid it will be subject to enforcement action once more.  

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those groups who we have supported throughout the pandemic for the hard work that they have provided in tackling COVID-19 and supporting our community. We would also like to extend that thanks to our residents who have themselves felt the pressure of absorbing all of this extra parking and traffic on our streets, your patience has been very much appreciated.  


The NHS parking pass allowed users who were eligible to park in Camden in:

resident permit bays
paid for parking bays

The NHS parking pass did not allow parking with the below restrictions:

single yellow lines
double yellow lines
where loading and unloading restrictions (kerb markings) are in operation
zig zag lines at pedestrian crossings
keep clear markings outside a school, a hospital or fire, police, ambulance stations
dropped kerbs
bus stops
suspended bays
market trader bays
disabled bays /green badge bays
police bays
ambulance bays
car club bays
electric vehicle bays
parking at your normal place of residence or other locations whilst not at work or volunteering

Transport guidance

Always follow current government guidance. We encourage people to walk or cycle where possible to ease pressure on roads, parking and public transport and to help keep physically active.  We offer various programmes to help people cycle more often, more safely   

If you are NHS staff the following may be of use to you:

Public transport

Try to travel outside of peak times if you must use public transport. Wearing a face covering is mandatory (unless exempt for medical reasons).  Wash your hands before and after you travel.