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Green badge permit area map (PDF)
Blue badge parking guide

Hospital parking – University College Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital

University College Hospital, including the Macmillan Cancer Centre, operates their own essential parking scheme for those Blue Badge holders with appointments. You will need to contact the hospital using your appointment letter for further information.

Great Ormond Street Hospital operates an essential parking scheme for families, and Blue Badge concessions apply in the immediate area. Contact the hospital for further information.

Blue badge parking in central London

The blue badge scheme does not fully apply in four central London boroughs, this includes the central London area of Camden near the West End, Bloomsbury and Holborn. This central London area of Camden is called the green badge permit area and those that live, study or work in the area can apply for a green permit.

Outside our green badge permit area, blue badge holders may park in:

  • blue badge bays
  • resident permit parking and shared use permit bays
  • paid for parking bays
  • up to three hours on a single or double yellow lines where there is no loading ban providing the arrival time is set and clock displayed.

Inside our green badge permit area, blue badge holders may park in:

  • blue badge bays
  • paid for parking bays with payment, 1 hour of additional parking is provided after the expiry of your parking session.

Blue Badge holders may not park:

  • where there is a loading ban indicated by kerb markings and a timeplate
  • in suspended bays
  • in dedicated disabled bays indicated by a timeplate with a permit number or GRN (for green permits only)
  • in dedicated user bays such as business, diplomat, doctor, car club, electric, hospital, market trader, loading, taxi, motorcycle and bus stops.

Blue Badge misuse

A Blue Badge can only be used if the holder is either the driver or a passenger in the vehicle. Civil Enforcement Officers have the authority to inspect Blue Badges. If proof of misuse is detected the badge may be withdrawn, which can also lead to prosecution. Blue Badge fraud includes forging or illegally obtaining a badge.

Report blue badge fraud