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Parent and carer counselling service

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Parent and carer counselling service

Parent and Carer Counselling Service

The Parent and Carer Counselling Service (PCCS) is a free counselling service. It is for parents and carers who have a child on roll at a Camden maintained school or children’s centre.

This does not include free schools, academies and private schools, unless they buy into the service.

What do we do?

Twelve one-to-one sessions are offered, which take place weekly in school hours during term time. 

Counselling sessions take place online or in a private room in the school, children's centre or the council offices (at 5 Pancras Square, King's Cross). They provide a space to talk about problems, decisions, worries or changes. Problems do not have to be related to parenting.

How do I access the service?

You  can access the service directly via this form in our leaflet below. Alternatively, you can ask someone in your child’s school or someone who helps you to support you with the referral.  

Contact us

Email: [email protected]  Tel: 020 7974 6500

Parent and Carer Counselling Service (PCCS)
Special Education and Inclusive Education
Camden Council
5 Pancras Square
Town Hall

Opening times (phone): Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.