Page views

There were 13,350,705 total page views in 2019.  This is a 34% reduction in page view from 2018 where we had 19,670,861 page views. We view this positively as we're not a website advertising or selling a product and this indicates that visitors are successfully completing and understanding their task on their first visit, therefore, not needing to return.

How long people spent on our site

The average time our web visitors spent on the site for each visit in 2019 was 01.51 seconds. This has reduced from 02.04 in 2018.



Navigation depth

Navigation depth is the average number of clicks (pages visited) to get to a certain page. On the old site, the majority of users took 10 or more clicks to get to their desired page. This has significantly reduced.

The majority of users on the new site in 2019 reached their intended page within 2-4 clicks as the graphs below demonstrate.


navigation depth October 2019



Navigation depth for October 2018


 Most viewed pages in 2019

  1. Home
  2. Make a payment
  3. Camden account
  4. Parking
  5. Challenge a parking ticket
  6. Search for planning applications
  7. Contact Camden
  8. Parking permits
  9. Housing
  10. Jobs at Camden 

Most searched terms on our website in 2019

  1. Council tax
  2. Jobs
  3. parking
  4. Planning
  5. Parking
  6. PCN
  7. council tax
  8. library
  9. contact
  10. Google